Indiana Bar Owner Refuses to Allow Service Dog Inside, Calls It “Just a Pet”

“He’s the best thing that ever happened to me,” Porter says of the dog that can detect oncoming seizures.
Photo by Becky Malewitz, South Bend Tribune

Here we go again: an Indiana woman who is legally blind and prone to occasional seizures–the result of a cerebral hemorrhage a few decades ago–was denied service at a local bar. As usual, the problem seems to be ignorance, rather than malice:

“That dog can’t be here, because I serve food,” Rajski told her.

“But he’s my service dog,” Porter said, pointing to Bo’s coat and showing Rajski a laminated card that describes the American Disabilities Act certification of service dogs. “You’ll have to call the police, because I’m not leaving.”
Then she sat down at a table, Bo at her feet.

Rajski did call the Starke County Sheriff’s Department. Two officers arrived and told Porter she had to go. (Attempts to reach the Starke County sheriff last week were not successful.)

What’s really shocking is that the law-enforcement officers didn’t support her rights. And you simply won’t believe what a jerk the bar owner is even after he learns that he was in the wrong. . . .

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One thought on “Indiana Bar Owner Refuses to Allow Service Dog Inside, Calls It “Just a Pet””

  1. That happened to me too…at DaMarco restaurant in Houston, TX. I have a Canine Companions for Independence hearing service dog. The Houston Police Department showed up and threatened to arrest me if I didn’t leave the premises. I had all of my service dog’s paperwork with me and showed the restaurant owner as well as the HPD officer…but that didn’t change the outcome, so I had to leave my lovely dinner celebrating my graduation from my medical residency program. I contacted the DA’s Office…but to no avail – even though the State of Texas code specifically states that denial of access to a public facility, including a restaurant, is a misdemeanor, with a fine of $300. Unfortunately, there are a number of fake service dogs and it is possible to buy a jacket online. This is why CCI has a petition to stop the sale of fake service dog products. Please consider signing it!

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