Indianapolis Sets New Rules for When Dogs Must Be Brought Inside

When the mercury falls to 20 degrees F, Indianapolis residents will be required to bring their dogs inside.
Photo by Jennifer, Lake Orion

We post often about the problems—some of them life-threatening—that extreme cold or heat can cause for dogs. The folkd at Indianapolis Animal care & Control have decided to set strict limits that will help dog owners make decisions about whether or not their pooch needs to be in the house:

A new addition to the Indianapolis Animal Care and Treatment Ordinance defines the extreme low and high temperatures at which point dog owners must bring their dog inside a temperature controlled facility.

The ordinance states that your dog must be brought inside:

  • When the outside temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below
  • When the outside temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above
  • When there’s a windchill warning
  • When there’s a heat advisory
  • When a tornado warning has been issued

What do you think? Is this good policy or government overreach?

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3 thoughts on “Indianapolis Sets New Rules for When Dogs Must Be Brought Inside”

  1. Bravo!! A city thats making it easier to nab those people who don’t care what kind of hell thier dogs go thru living outdoors 24/7. Unless they are the few who provide good outdoor shelter, people often need to be told in no uncertain terms what is required and make it mandatory. Lead the way folks…I want to see how many cities we can get to follow!

  2. GREAT IDEA. It’s a shame there has to be a law. Should make people take a common sense test before they are allowed to have pets or children.

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