Infographic: Facts About Military Working Dogs

We have posted many times about the incredible work that military working dogs (MWD) have done and continue to do in conflicts all over the globe, so let’s take a little time this Veterans Day to pay tribute to our canine heroes. There are about 2,700 MWDs serving in our military, more than any other country, with some 700 of them deployed overseas. The bonds that these dogs develop with their handlers are powerful, and the two often work like a single unit. Among the many tasks MWDs perform in theater are detecting explosives and IEDs, tracking the enemy, scouting, and protecting bases and embassies. At home, they help with narcotics detection, security details, and training. We owe these canine heroes a huge debt of gratitude!

Click here to see the full infographic and learn much more about MWDs.

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  1. Would you be able to direct me to the underlying references for the facts cited in this infographic? Thank you.

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