Infographic: Which Human Foods Are OK for Dogs, and Which Aren’t?

How many times have you asked yourself, “Is it okay for my dog to eat that?” We all know the truly deadly things, such as Xylitol, chocolate, and grapes. But there are many other foods that fall in various places on the scale from fine to dangerous. The folks at Dog Food Selector have put together a comprehensive infographic (see below) that divides human foods into four categories–numbered 0 to 3–to help dog owners be more aware. Here’s the scale:

0: Minimal risk if given in controlled amounts
1: Low risk
2: Moderate risk
3: High Risk

There are lots of foods on there that I didn’t know posed a danger, although I suspect that some folks will disagree with individual scores of certain foods. Do you think that some of this is overblown?

If you’d like to see the rationale for each food’s score, check out the complete post,
Can Dogs Eat Human Foods?.

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11 thoughts on “Infographic: Which Human Foods Are OK for Dogs, and Which Aren’t?”

  1. This list is absolutely ridiculous. There are many things on there that are in fact toxic, but a vast majority are not. Like milk? C’mon now. Seems this has been written by humans that follow an extremely strict particular diet of sorts.

    1. Yes, this seems like a list for someone with Gastric Reflux disease, very similar to the diet i follow for my GERD. Lol

  2. We had a rat terrier for 17 years, and was physically still very muscular when we lost her of a massive heart attack. We gave her grapes cut in half for years because she loved them, once she ate an entire block of cheddar cheese with no ill side effects, she took it off the edge of the table. Now we have a Greyhound that we don’t give any human food to because her stomach is very sensitive to any change in diet. I believe it largely depends on the breed personally.

  3. You have so many wrong its not funny! Cherrys aren’t recommend to list just one and marshmallow are ok in moderation as well thats just a few you have wrong. Please check your reserch and facks before posting because three other sites say these to are what I stated so you must be wrong and thats not right giveing false information to the public exspesualy if it can hert there animal like the cherrys.

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