Introducing the Newest Orvis Bed!

“To sleep, perchance to dream”—William Shakespeare 

We humans spend about one-third of our lives sleeping . . . or we’re supposed to, anyway. The reality is that for many adults, getting the recommended eight hours is easier said than done. According to the CDC, 35% of U.S. adults suffer from some sort of sleep disorder, and getting less than the recommended amount of rest can leave you tired, irritable, and not at your best the next day. For most people, the search for a solution to the sleep dilemma is focused on finding just the right bed. Well, we believe we’ve created it.

A couple years ago, Orvis Dog Ambassador Melinda Benbow was lying awake—her mind spinning as she tried to guess the next twist in the plot of “Tiger King”—when she gazed jealously on her English setter, Suge. Slumbering deeply on a cozy Memory Foam Couch Dog Bed, the dog snored contentedly, oblivious to the big-cat drama causing her mom to toss and turn. “Boy,” Melinda thought, “I wish I could enjoy sleep like that.” 

Do you sleep this deeply and comfortably?

As a professional dog trainer, Melinda knew that the average pup sleeps up to 14 hours a day—dreaming of treats and endless tennis ball throws while nestled in a bed that supports them from nose to tail. Watching Suge made her wonder: Is that level of comfort attainable for humans? She shared this question with Orvis dog-product developer Jon Comeau, who was intrigued and recognized a potential new market for Orvis.

“When I first pitched the idea, my manager said I was working too hard and that I should probably sleep on it,” Comeau says. “So, I did.” 

The HUMA-Rest is designed for both comfort and convenience.
(Click image for larger version.)

The challenge was to take the features that make our dog beds the best in the world and adapt them to a much larger version. As Comeau and the team began the research, it became clear that those benefits that make our beds so perfect for dogs are also are vitally important for humans: 

• Comfort 
• Support for joints 
• A sense of security 
• Versatility (removable cushions, snap off pads, machine-washable covers) 
• Durability 

To build a prototype, they used an extra-large Bolster Dog Bed as a starting point. Kids in our retail stores have always enjoyed lying on these big beds, so product developers threw a couple on the floor of the office and had a few of our smaller associates and their children test them out. The results were eye-opening, and the team members knew they were onto something. 

Our product developers took the original specs for the bolster and scaled-up the overall dimensions to match a standard queen-size bed. These new designs were then digitally transferred to a CAD fabric die-cutting table, where the pattern was cut from the same furniture-grade fabric we use in our dog beds. We initially chose a popular jacquard pattern, as it is visually pleasing, hides stains, and complements most décor. The bolster features Orvis ComfortFill-Eco™, our proprietary plush and resilient material made from 100% recycled water bottles. The main bed presented a unique challenge, as our standard memory foam was engineered specifically for dogs. However, through a connection at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Jon was able to source a NASA-approved memory foam for the prototype. 

Next, we put the bed through the same rigorous testing process we use for all our dog and fly-fishing products. We sent prototypes to Orvis associates of all sizes and sleeping styles. We also set up a bed in the Orvis Flagship Store in Manchester, Vermont. Starting last summer, customers were invited to lie on the bed and provide feedback via a tablet kiosk, which was linked directly to our product-development team. After collecting data for approximately 90 days, we knew we had a winner. The prototype bed was immensely well received and, with a few small tweaks to the bolster size and an improvement to the overall firmness of the memory foam, we had arrived at a bed that could almost guarantee a perfect night’s sleep.

Choose from among four sizes, with or without sectional design.
(Click image for larger version.)

Introducing the Orvis HUMA-Rest, a breakthrough in sleep technology. Designed with humans in mind, it delivers all the attributes our legendary dog beds are known for—comfort, support, and a cozy sense of security—and does it in a shape and style that looks great in any home. Fully customizable, it’s available in nine gorgeous colors and patterns, features a ComfortFill-Eco™ bolster, a memory foam sleep surface, and can be personalized with embroidery at no extra charge for up to two names. And it’s versatile: its unique construction allows the sleep surface to be easily separated from the bolster section, so it can be placed in a standard pickup-truck bed for weekend adventures. 

The days of dreaming of a sleep experience as blissful as that of your dog’s would ever be possible. With the new Orvis HUMA-Rest, you can rest-assured, it is. Click the link below to learn more!

78 thoughts on “Introducing the Newest Orvis Bed!”

  1. You got me, hook, line and sinker:) I was ready to share the word! Great creativity and makes me want to buy one for my dog.

  2. Rats! The wife and I were looking for a new bed and I was seriously considering looking into this one! Oh well, time for more coffee…

  3. Oh, you had me – especially with the bolsters. I was scrolling down to find out the price. I agree – you come up with a great idea like this – now you have to follow through!!!

    Thanks for the laugh.

    1. I want one!! I have been known to snuggle in my my dog’s Orvis bed with him and it is most comfortable

      1. Many, many years ago (before I was an employee) there was a blizzard here in Virginia where the warehouse is and people were trapped at the call center/warehouse for a couple of days and people actually got dog beds from the warehouse and slept on them while they were here. I have heard the stories many times!

  4. Will I get my normal employee discount? I have my cover pattern picked out already!

  5. oh my! so inviting and I picked a pattern I love. But I know our 3 bernese mtn dogs would take it over… alas…but wait, then I could have theirs and they are pretty nice! 😉

  6. OMG! And I was ready to buy one for my son who is in need of a new comfortable bed. Picked out the fabric too!!
    Great advertising promo.
    Whomever thought of this, sure did a 100%+ job with the extensive info.
    I hope the person/people gets a bonus !!

  7. Nailed it, why do I want one? .lol. What did it for me was the head over the side looking at the

  8. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it’s an April’s Fool joke and I fell for it! I was measuring the area where I would place the bed for my furry son!
    You SHOULD ACTUALLY make these Beds! I would definitely purchase them! Labradors mom….

  9. Ha! Got me…….So now I have to buy something “REAL” from Orvis for myself. It’s only fair. 🙂

    1. Nice !! Absolutely brilliant…. I too read the whole thing before the video!!!

      The guy with his phone ….. the monogram names on the bed. GOOD JOB ☘️

  10. Oh poo! What a cruel April Fool! But I absolute loved the video, with Charley circling around three times before bedding down. Brought tears of laughter to my eyes. Should get an Oscar (a Fido?) for Best Spoof!

  11. You *do* know that some of us are willing to buy this if you actually manufacture it, right? No kidding.
    Brilliantly done!

  12. I have got to say that it’s a great idea but I was on to yousfter last year’s dog waders. Still was enjoyable.

  13. One of the best April fools pranks known to man or dog. I agree with the person who said, ” well, now you have to make them.

  14. Well believe it or not yrs ago I kept sleeping with my dog in her bed saying “I wish MY bed was this comfortable” spoiled

  15. This is great! Thanks for the laugh! The guy circling around on the bed to find just the right spot to lay down on was priceless!

  16. Loved your April Fool’s joke. Though, like others have expressed, I was considering where I could put one in my guest room an what size would be best. All the best!!!

  17. Good one guys! The funny thing is, people would actually buy one.

    Anyway, great start to April with a deluxe video and support graphics.

  18. Hilarious! I shared it with all my friends. But seriously, it would be great for a kids room. Orvis, love it, you’re the best!

  19. I read the text before watching the video, and I completely fell for it! In my defense, in an age when Amazon is selling groceries and CVS is running medical clinics, the idea of you adapting your canine expertise to a new, closely related area isn’t all that far-fetched (so to speak).

    If I had been more alert, I might have wondered about the portability issue. I actually DO have a mattress very similar to that one at home (natural latex with a foam layer), and they are incredibly heavy – I can barely lift the sides to tuck in the sheets!

    Something to bear in mind if you actually want to make these at some point, because clearly there’s a demand.

  20. Wow who ever put this prank together did an awesome job! I never get fooled! Boy was I ever fooled
    How much would you sell it for?

  21. I wish this was real. I totally would buy this. I had a house fire last summer. When I was finally able to move back in, there were a couple weeks that I had no mattress for my bed, as I was waiting for it to be delivered. I literally slept in my dog’s bed and I have to say that it actually was super comfy. I LOVED the bolsters. I think my dogs were happier than I was when my mattress finally arrived, because it meant that they got to have their bed back. LOL

  22. Yep, I was scrolling down looking for a price as well. Absolutely loved Charley doing the dog circles before bedding down.
    Lol. Sure made me smile big time. Thank you Orvis!

  23. I love everything about this! Thanks for a good belly laugh to kick off the month. April foolery aside, I want one of those beds!

  24. Are you kidding me right now (Ha, Ha, Ha)? I SO want this (no, seriously)!!! I literally had my credit card out and was showing my husband the fabric swatches. My dog says, “Please, please make this for my human!” That way I can stop stealing his bed! 🙂

  25. I have a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian mix and would love to snuggle beside her sometimes, instead of under her. your largest bed is barely large enough for her, and i am way too old to spend much time on the floor. Now i really want something that i can’t have. Oh well, what else is new.

  26. I’ve been bed shopping for years. I saw this and I got all excited. Come to find out IT IS NOT FOR SALE.

    That’s a mean April Fool’s joke. I’m sticking out my tongue at you! I’ll still buy my pup the best bed plus accessories in the world but I think I deserve to sleep as well as he does!

  27. Many, many years ago (before I was an employee) there was a blizzard here in Virginia where the warehouse is and people were trapped at the call center/warehouse for a couple of days and people actually got dog beds from the warehouse and slept on them while they were here. I have heard the stories many times!

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