Periodic jail time for operator of dog “torture camp”

Diane Eldrup has been convicted of
18 counts of animal cruelty

This story is simply unfathomable.  A Chicago-area woman has been sentenced to two and a half years of “periodic” prison time and probation for the torture and death of at least 14 dogs in her care. Many starved to death and were left to rot.

From the story:

A jury heard evidence that Eldrup allowed 14 dogs to die of starvation and dehydration while they were under her care at the Deer Park animal shelter. Their rotting carcasses were found amidst piles of moldy feces, and near empty food and water bowls.

Evidence was presented at Tuesday’s sentencing hearing that an additional eight to 10 carcasses were found at Muddy Paws after the snow melted. The 14 dead dogs and four live dogs were found Dec. 16, 2010, according to prosecutors Suzanne Willett, Michael Mermel and Raquel Robles-Eschbach.

“The defendant has been hiding and killing dogs far longer than the evidence of trial. The state is asking for a prison sentence. She starved them to death. She prolonged their suffering,” Willett said. “This was a torture camp for animals and she was a prison guard.”

What do YOU think? Does the punishment fit the crime?

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