Jericho the Pit-Bull Service Dog Breaks Stereotypes

Jericho’s owner says he’s never had a negative reaction to the breed.
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It’s no secret that Pit Bulls engender a lot of controversy because of their perceived aggressiveness. Many communities around the country have used breed-specific legislation to outlaw ownership of Pit Bulls. But those who love the breed argue that the public’s fear in unfounded, and here’s one story that supports that view. Jericho is a Pit Bull who is also a service dog, making the life of wheelchair-bound Matthew Smith easier and more comfortable.

The five-year-old pooch was trained at the Duchess County, New York-based Animal Farm Foundation, a non-profit organization that hopes to “secure equal treatment for pit bull dogs,” Apryl Lea, the organization’s certified Assistance Dog International trainer, told HuffPost. “We want to show the community that pit bull dogs are just the same as any other kind of dog.”

The benefits that Jericho brings to Smith’s life are so clear from this story. . . .

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