Last Known 9/11 Search Dog, Bretagne, Passes Away

Last September, we posted about the 16th birthday party for Bretagne (pronounced Brittany), who was the final surviving member of the corps of search-and-rescue dogs who worked at the site of the terrorist attacks in New York City. Sadly, age caught up with the beautiful Golden Retriever, and yesterday, Bretagne’s owner, Denise Corliss, took the struggling┬ádog to a veterinary hospital for a final farewell. An honor guard of firefighters and search-and-rescue workers met Bretagne and lined the sidewalk for her final trip into the veterinary clinic, where she shared her final moments with those who loved her most.

Click here for the full story and to read about Bretagne’s many accomplishments.

Bretagne was beloved for her many years of service.
Photo via the Texas Task Force 1 facebook page

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