Limo Driver Saves a Little Dog on Brooklyn Bridge

The little dog’s life was surely in danger, as he ran through traffic on the bridge.
Photo by Garrick Quinones via ABC News

A limousine driver who saw a dog loose in traffic on New York City’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge didn’t take the stereotypical Manhattanite approach–Don’t get involved! Instead, he showed real heart by stopping and rescuing the little guy:

“I was so surprised that I pulled the car over,” Quinones told ABC News today. “I just could not believe that in the middle of the roadway that there would be this dog. I was thinking, ‘Wow this dog is like Toto from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ — a red-haired version, an adorable little dog. I knew he needed help and I felt compelled to do it.”

He made a makeshift leash from something we all carry nowadays, and brought the pup to the authorities. Bravo!

Click here for the full story.

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