Mall Debuts Pet Patrols To Save Dogs Trapped In Hot Cars

The number of “dogs in hot cars” stories that show up every day in my news feed this time of year is disheartening. But one mall in Canada is taking action to try to prevent the all-too-common tragedies caused by thoughtless dog owners:

Mic Mac Mall in Nova Scotia recently unveiled the service following an incident at the shopping center in which police were called to break a car window to save an overheated dog.

Under the program, mall security scan the parking lots surrounding the shopping center and keep an eye out for signs — such as a cracked window — that a pet may be locked in a vehicle, CBC News reports. If an animal is spotted, security will first attempt to contact the car owner.

This seems like a great solution to the problem and one that could be implemented at malls everywhere. I would bet that dog owners would even volunteer to help out.

Click here for the full story.

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