Man Fights Off Wild Cougar to Save His Dog

Shawn hanson and his dog, Bailey, who is recovering from the attack.
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Canadian Shawn Hanson was on a fishing trip with friends in British Columbia, when he had a harrowing experience that forced him to act quickly and decisively. He heard his one-year-old Dachshund, Bailey, make a strange yelping noise, and when he turned he saw a female cougar disappearing into the brush with Bailey in her mouth. Hanson ran after the animal and lunged at it:

“I was able to cock back and punch the cougar in the face and it kind of went cross-eyed and just dropped the dog,” he said. “My initial thought was that it would start swiping at me, but it sat there sort of dazed.

Hanson returned to the campsite, but his ordeal wasn’t over. . . .

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