Man is on a Quest to Be Photographed with as Many Breeds as Possible

Written by: Phil Monahan

Ryan’s Labrador Retriever, Quest, is an electric-ant-detection dog, one of only two in the world.
Photos via Instagram

Ryan is a young man from Cairns, Australia, and he has come up with a fun and interesting use for his Instagram account: He plans to take photos of himself with as many dog breeds as possible. So far, he’s only up to thirteen, but I suspect that he doesn’t want to go out of the gates too fast and then get stuck looking for hard-to-find breeds. Here are some of his

#5 MONGREL: The term “mongrel” refers to dogs that develop without planned intervention of humans.

#8 AUSTRALIAN KELPIE: One of the earliest registered breeds in Australia!

#12 DACHSHUND: Caught up with these two #lowriders cruising the streets of Cairns.

#13 GREAT DANE: This horses name is ‘Ziggy’ and he is only 6 MONTHS OLD!

Follow Ryan’s quest on his Instagram page.

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