Video: Man Shoots Woman’s Dog in Cincinnati Dog Park

Anyone who has spent time in a dog park knows that conflicts occur, and we know how protective people can be of their best friends. But never have we heard about something this violent. When Katlynn Hornsby’s 1-year-old Pit Bull, Bruski, latched onto Robert Marx’s dog in a Cincinnati dog park, the man drew his concealed weapon and fired.

The bullet from the 9 mm pistol shattered Bruski’s leg, and the dog had to be euthanized. Marx’s dog (its name and breed aren’t identified) was unharmed.

Police have charged Marx, who does have a concealed-weapon permit, with knowingly shooting a gun within city limits and criminal damaging, but that’s little consolation for Hornsby, who has been mourning poor Bruski.

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Robert Marx drew a 9mm pistol and shot Katlynn Hornsby’s dog.

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