Meet Lucy, The World’s Smallest Working Dog

Lucy makes up for her small size by having a huge heart.
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A two-and-a-half-pound micro Yorksghire terrier named Lucy, from southern New Jersey, has been certified as the world’s smallest working dog. Although she was once a stray, she’s now a beloved visitor in hospice facilities and in schools:

“She just is amazing. You see these elderly frail people and their eyes just light up when they see her,” said Robyn Van Dusen of Caring Hospice of Philadelphia.

Lucy even has her own Facebook page, where her fans can follow her adventures.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Lucy, The World’s Smallest Working Dog”

  1. I commend this small dog’s work as a Therapy Dog or Facility Dog. However, she is not a Service Dog by definition of the tasks each type of dog would perform. Different ADA rules also apply to each type. This dog’s owner words it correctly on her Facebook page. We just need to attempt keeping it straight because of the fake Service Dog problems.
    Thanks for your understanding and for the fine work you do!

    1. Great comment Lee. I was about to make a similar comment when I saw yours. This is a real problem. I’m very surprised Orvis would make such a big mistake because a few years back they had a CCI Service dog in their catalog!

      1. You are both correct. I clearly wasn’t thinking when I wrote that.

        Thanks for the correction. FIXED!

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