Meet Our Latest Orvis Cover Dog Winners!

It’s that time again to announce our Orvis Cover Dog Contest winners who will appear on our 2022 Spring and Summer Dog Books.

As always your photos and participation did not disappoint. From August through October last year, we received just over 45,000 entries, resulting in what are always fun and beautiful covers. Even better, we raised $119,141 for Morris Animal Foundation, from more than 9,400 gifts.

We can’t thank you all enough for joining this effort. We’ve raised more than $1 million to date since our first contest for our partners at Morris Animal Foundation and their efforts to fight canine cancer.

If you want another shot at the cover while making a difference in the lives of dogs and dog lovers, don’t forget to play again. Be sure to enter our current contest for a chance to get your pooch on the cover and to help pave the way towards another million.

Here are the rest of the winners:

8 thoughts on “Meet Our Latest Orvis Cover Dog Winners!”

  1. Why do you “only” use white font for your important ORVIS name and other catalog font when in some of these photos your important name is “washed out”?

    I would think that yes, the photo is important, but your company name, so it can be quickly recognized, is most important.

    Top photo: Actually looks very good, could possibly be great though, for sure I would try the other colors black, blue of the ball or eye color brown
    Second photo: Nose color or a color from the tongue, possibly black but may be too stark.
    Third photo: Dark color from the ear area or try orange which may be too much.
    Fourth photo: OMG PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Firth photo: Not bad but I would still check out chin color and whisker color.
    Sixth photo: I would have tried Lucky’s eye color, muzzle lighter color or beautiful brown nose color. I see you did darken the font to the left of the page and then, I can’t read the font at the bottom of the right side.

    Remember many of your fans, who have the money to afford your quality products, are older and have cataracts or just have reading glasses eyes.

    LOVED the choices this year.

  2. I was wondering, when one would know if their dog photo sent was received and no longer considered for a winning entry.

    Thank you very much!


  3. Hello to Orvis
    I entered my dog, Bodhi (jack russell terrier) on Monday March 28th and the last time I checked he had 95 votes. I have had several friends and relatives who had tried to vote/donate and they were using the link I had copied & forwarded from my official accepted entry. Now they have informed me they are unable to vote and his photo is not pictured anymore. Is there a reason for this, has voting ended as of March 31st? I know the official rules said entries had to be in by the 31st of March but is that true for the voting too? I even tried to search by my name, breed and dog’s name but another smaller black dog is shown and he is also named Bodhi.
    Thank You for any insight You can give me on this issue.
    Lynn Wild

    1. got to read the rules aka the fine print as the winner is NOT based on the crowd voting rather the internal ORVIS editorial team….

  4. The July winner looks like a wired hair pointer or griffon more that a golden retriever, standard poodle mix. Beautiful pup

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