Meet the Winners of Our 2022 “I Love My Dog Bed” Photo Contest

Abraham looks incredibly comfortable as he dreams about birds, in our winning photo.
Photo by Laurie Guthrie

Our inaugural “I Love My Dog Bed” Photo Contest was a rousing success, featuring hundreds of great photos on Instagram and Facebook from dog lovers around the U.S. There were big dogs, little dogs; active dogs and sleeping dogs; outdoor dogs and lap dogs. As Marlene Brzoska commented, “To me they are all winners!”

Last week, we presented you with 10 finalists for the contest’s prizes. The voting was close, with every photo receiving votes, and the winner topping out at less than 20%. After almost 3,000 votes, the race for third was decided by just 9 votes. Congrats to all the photographers who made the finals!

Most voters noted that our finalists were so good, it was tough to choose just three.

Your top choice was Laurie Guthrie’s beautiful image of her zonked-out Bracco Italiano, Abraham, who has his very own Instagram account. Of the photo, voter Anne Oswald commented, “Would have voted for Abraham three times if I could, as he looks SO comfy and sweet in his bed.”

Laurie hails from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and she describes how Abraham loves his dog bed:

Abraham’s dog bed is his sanctuary, safe place, and resting pad. A place for him to call his own within our house, and to recharge after he’s had an exhausting day of playing with kids.

For achieving the top spot, Laurie and Abraham will receive a $500 Orvis Gift Card. “As if he wasn’t already spoiled,” wrote Laurie, “we are going to spoil him even more with that gift card.”

Wyatt looks skeptical about his ability to get any sleep with little Otis around.
Photo by Kathy Reifsnyder

In second place was Kathy Reifsnyder’s great shot of Otis and his big brother, Wyatt, sharing some quality time together in bed. Voter Donna Poe said, “Otis & Wyatt need a bed each. Little one doesn’t look to happy to share a bed. Lol.”

Kathy and her pups live in Gibbstown, New Jersey, just across the river from Philadelphia. Of her submission, she wrote:

Otis loves hanging with his big brother Wyatt on the Orvis bed they inherited from their great uncle Willie (yes, really related). Willie actually picked out this bed himself in an Orvis store. These guys are Goldens 3 and 4 to use this bed, and it’s only had one cover change in five years! Willie knew quality when he saw it .

For coming in second, Connor will receive an Orvis ComfortFill-Eco™ Couch Dog Bed.

Oakley loves to be wrapped in warmth as she slumbers.
Photo by Tiffany Compton

Third place went to Tiffany Compton, of Greenfield, Indiana, for this up-close-and-personal (or is it up-nose-and-personal?) shot of her female German Shorthaired Pointer, Oakley. Voter Babette Muzzy loved that “Oakley is down for the count and all cozy being tucked in.”

Although Oakley has a bed, Tiffany says the dog also loves the couch:

I purchased the grip-tight quilted couch cover with bolster over three years ago now, and it stays on the couch 24/7, so the use has been HEAVY. I have to say that it looks nearly new and washes up great. It has protected my leather couch better than I ever expected, and Oakley likes being able to scratch/nest when lying down.

For coming in third, Tiffany and Oakley will receive a Tough Trail Chuckwagon Dog Tote filled with toys and treats.

Finally, everyone who voted for our finalists was eligible for a prize, as well. We plugged in the numbers, and the widget at spat out a winner: Gordon Gracey, who wrote, “Every one deserves a vote, every pup is awesome. Hard to narrow down to one, thanks for the contest to see all the dogs.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s “I Love My Dog Bed” Photo Contest by submitting photos and voting. Hopefully, we can do it again next year!

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