Mississippi Breeders Charged with Animal Cruelty

Lynne Hackney is arrested Friday outside Bleu Moon Cattle Dogs.
Photo via clarionledger.com

Here’s the kind of story that probably sends legitimate, ethical dog breeders over the edge. A couple in Carriere, Mississippi, were arrested last Friday after authorities discovered more than 50 dogs living in deplorable conditions on the property:

The Picayune Item reports that the dogs were living in kennels, some three to a cage, and all of them were standing or lying in their own excrement. There was no food or water within reach, and one of the dogs’ fur was so matted that it couldn’t walk.

This is despite claims on the website of Bleu Moon Cattle Dogs that paint a much different picture:

Our dogs are housed in a climate controlled “doggy room”. They are only put up at night, in bad weather or on very hot days. Our dogs are not housed on concrete in tiny pens or kept in cages all day. They are allowed to be dogs. They have the run of 15 securely fenced acres.

Unfortunately, state law says that a person can only be charged with animal cruelty per instance, no matter how many animals are involved, so the couple who run Bleu Moon, Lynne Hackney and Miles Allen, face just a single charge each for this instance and one for a previous instance.

Here’s a situation where legislators need to look at the law and see that it is inadequately punishing folks who hurt so many animals.

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