Moment of Thrill 03.19.21

Orvis’s Leigh Oliva works with Walker, his Black Labrador Retriever, almost every day in the field beside the Orvis Flagship store in Manchester, Vermont. And the results are obvious. A good retriever excels at marking the location of the dummy, as well as at reading hand signals from the handler. Once he finds the dummy, Walker takes great pleasure in returning it to Leigh, so they can go again. Our own Joel Ruby flew his drone to capture the excitement of Walker’s long retrieve.

The videos in our Moment of Thrill series are meant to get your heart racing in anticipation of the start of the spring. It’s been a long winter, at the end of a long year. What we all need now is to feel the joy of being outside with our best friend.

11 thoughts on “Moment of Thrill 03.19.21”

  1. I love all the videos, see beautiful landscapes, watch a short story, marvel at a beautiful hunting dog in action!Thank you for these uplifting moments.

  2. I love watching working dogs because they always bring so much joy to it, watching a happy dog is just infectious and I can’t help but smile.

  3. I also Love Labs, but my Favorite is a Brittney. I love watching them work the fields & I used to use them Duck Hunting.

  4. Labs are great, and though I’ve never had the opportunity to hunt with mine, we have had 34 of our almost 37 years of marriage with labs in the house, and couldn’t imagine a home without them. Miss you Ashley and Noah, and Molly, you better live a long time, because I can’t imagine being without you! Such good companions!

  5. Beau was my Lab. I’d work him through his retrieving exercises every day. One day, after a session, we took a walk through the woods behind my home, to give Beau free time to run. It was getting close to dinner so we headed back towards home. About 300 yards from the house I told Beau to sit. I walked home. Went in and had dinner. After dinner my wife looked out the window and noticed he wasn’t in his pen. She asked, where’s Beau? Oh heck, I’d forgotten about him. It had been about thirty minutes. I quickly went outside. I could see him sitting in the spot where I left him. He was looking and waiting anxiously to come home. I shouted his name and here he came. He probably wondered if I’d lost my mind. Beau and I went on a lot of duck hunting trips together. He was a faithful companion to the end. Thanks for the video, it made me think of Beau.

  6. In my life there are few things more enjoyable than watching a lab retrieve. I have had 5 over a fifty year duck hunting career, and they were all were fabulous. Two I trained, and three were professionally trained, but they all brought me nothing but wonderful companionship, love, and over the top commitment. My life has been outrageously richer because of each one. God bless them all

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