Morris Animal Foundation: Cancer – A Real Threat to Pets

Is your best friend at risk?
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Cancer poses a very serious threat to all of our pets. Six million new pet-cancer diagnoses are made every year, and countless families experience the devastating effects of this deadly disease.

Morris Animal Foundation began funding veterinary science to improve understanding of cancer in pets in 1962, and they’ve been supporting research to better prevent and treat this disease ever since. With more than 30 active cancer studies receiving Morris Animal Foundation funding in 2014, the Foundation’s commitment to fighting pet cancer is stronger than ever this year. Research ranges from basic science and cutting-edge cancer genetics studies to conducting clinical trials for new cancer treatments.

Because cancer continues to end the lives of more dogs and cats than any other disease, Morris Animal Foundation has developed a Pet Cancer Guide to help owners detect signs of cancer in their pets. This useful guide highlights the most common cancers affecting dogs and cats, identifies breeds at risk, and provides information about treatments.

Too many families have lived through this heartache and loss. Help Morris Animal Foundation change the future. Download your FREE Pet Cancer Guide today!

All proceeds from the Orvis Cover Dog Contest benefit the Orvis/Morris Canine Cancer Campaign.

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  1. We lost our Healer last summer following surgery for a mass in her abdomen. Within the next few weeks, we will put down our Pit Mix due to an anal gland tumor. We definitely are feeling the pain of this disease.

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