The Everlasting Mud Puddle

mud puddle
Logan Loves His Mud Puddles
Eric Weissleder
When our dog, Logan does something that, to me, seems incredibly dumb, I take a step back, look a little closer, and eventually discover that it’s all part of a master plan.Case in point: the mud puddle. Logan has recently become smitten with what I refer to as the everlasting mud puddle. I call it this because, despite the fact that it hasn’t rained here in more than a week, he consistently returns to the house every evening caked on one side with deep, dark, sticky mud. He then proceeds to bark so he may come inside and enjoy his dinner.

I won’t let him in and he’s perfectly fine with that. In fact, that’s the idea, because as soon as he returns, I march him directly over to the hose and spray him down. This he loves, and immediately follows it up with a vigorous shake and a roll through the grass. Then he lopes back to the house again and barks to come inside.

At this point, I trudge back into the house, get his bowl, fill it with food, and bring it out the back porch where he dines alfresco, amidst the setting sun, while a gentle summer breeze cools him off and dries his yellow coat.

It’s a long way to go to enjoy dinner outside, but like I said before, he has a master plan. I’m just here to help.

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