New Dog-Adoption Service Makes Matches By Personality

Elizabeth Holms, Paws like Me co-founder and CEO explains the matching process.
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Computer-dating services have been around since the 1960s, and the premise was simple: feed a bunch of personality traits, wants, needs, and hopes into the machine, and it will match you with compatible mates. (How that actually works is much more complicated.) A new pet-adoption service called seeks to use similar technology to match pet owners with dogs awaiting adoption:

“We look at compatibility and people’s environment,” says Benko, who has also volunteered for dog-rescue groups and led pet-therapy sessions with patients in long-term care facilities. “We also really look at how people relate to their pets.”

Do you care whether your dog messes up your house? Gets fur on your clothes? Is a slow learner? Do you want an independent dog — or one that always wants to be at your side?

This seems like a great idea that should both make potential adopters more confident in their choices and help reduce the number of dogs returned to the shelter.

Would you use this kind of service?

Click here for the full story and a video explaining the service.

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