New Shelter in Boston Will House Strays from Puerto Rico

The new facility offers 50′ x 50′ kennels and a fenced-in play space that has grass, trees and a dog house for naps.
Photo courtesdy The Sato Project

We have posted before about the appalling stray-dog problem in Puerto Rico (see a clip from a video about it here), where it is apparently not unusual for folks to just abandon their dogs when they become inconvenient. Now a nonprofit called the Sato Project aims to bring some of these strays to the U.S. where a facility in Boston will be their sanctuary:

The 200-acre farm House is full of gorgeous rolling hills and lawns, with the Charles River running through it all. It will be such a reprieve from the horror that these dogs experienced in Puerto Rico! Each dog will have their own personal indoor kennel, equipped with air conditioning and heating, with an attached run, all located at a renovated horse barn.

The first 10 dogs are due to arrive tomorrow. If you live in the Boston area and would like to be a volunteer at the sanctuary, fill out an application at and then send it to

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