New York City’s New Licensing Law Has Some Dog Owners Howling

New rules requiring owners to carry licensing documents seem excessive to some.
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Dog owners in The Big Apple are balking at new rules that require them to carry a certificate of licensing whenever they are out and about with their dogs. The city used to send out stickers for renewal; just stick it on your your dog’s tag, and you were good to go. Now, it’s more onerous:

Instead of receiving renewal stickers each year for a dog’s collar tags, the city is sending out paper documents that owners must carry when walking their pet. An electronic version of the paperwork that can be pulled up on a smartphone will also be available.

As some advocates note, not everyone has a smartphone, especially lower-income folks.

What do you think about this? Are folks right to be upset?

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3 thoughts on “New York City’s New Licensing Law Has Some Dog Owners Howling”

  1. How about the government go after proof of spay or neuter? At least that would accomplish more than putting license money in their coffers.

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