Big-Hearted NFL Player Adopts a Dog No One Wanted

Ronnie Lewis and his girlfriend share a moment with Winter.
Photo via Facebook

Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), posted a touching story on its Facebook page yesterday, about a big man in search of a rescue dog. Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley showed up at the shelter with his girlfriend, intending to adopt a dog. But they didn’t want just any dog, and their request blew shelter workers away:

When they checked into our front desk, they let us know just what they were looking for–and for a superstar like Ronnie…you’ll never guess what requested. “We are looking for dog that’s been here a long time and maybe not-so-adoptable.” Our matchmakers were delighted. “Not-so-adoptable” can mean a lot of things here…senior pets, physically imperfect, on-going medical and more.

The pair ultimately bonded with a six-year-old dog named Winter, whose life had been mostly sad up until that moment: used in a puppy mill and then discarded, she had been found in a vacant property. Undeterred by Winter’s sagging belly, the rough-and-tumble football player fell in love with the sweet girl and brought her home.

In the comments under the link below, you’ll see that Ronnie is the only Baltimore Raven who loves rescue dogs. . . .

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