North Carolina City Refuses to Let Injured Police Dog Retire

K-9 Karr and his partner, Officer Jay Eubanks, should still be together.
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This is just crazy: A dog who has served bravely in eastern North Carolina since 2008 is being kept on the job, even though Karr’s veterinarian says that he needs to retire. He is a past cancer sufferer, and he was injured on the job in 2013. But when his partner, Officer Jay Eubanks, requested that the city let Karr retire, you’ll never believe the response:

The city’s response was to say the dog was city property and yanked him away from Officer Eubanks last weekend and has shut down all communication. This dog is in trouble. He is not well and should not be serving duty with seizures and a bad leg!

Concerned dog lovers have launched a petition demanding that Karr be allowed to live out the rest of his life pain-free and with proper medical care. This seems like a no-brainer.

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One thought on “North Carolina City Refuses to Let Injured Police Dog Retire”

  1. The person that made that comment and the decision not to retire Karr should be fired. A police dept. does not need a person that doesn’t have common sense. Bad decision making = fired!

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