Orvis Dog-Training Tips, Episode 4: Maintaining a Calm Demeanor

Here’s the fourth episode in our new series of dog-training videos–featuring Ronnie Smith and Susanna Love of Ronnie Smith Kennels. The Smith family is legendary in the dog-training world. Ronnie’s uncle is the bird-dog legend Delmar Smith, recognized as the founder of the Smith Training Method and a Field Trial Hall of Fame inductee. Ronnie has been training dogs since he was fourteen years old and took over the family business in 1982. Susanna joined him in 2006.

In this video, they discuss the importance of having a calm demeanor when you’re working with your dog. If you are all worked up, your dog is going to match your intensity, which will make it more difficult for you to connect and communicate. “Reshaping the dog’s mindset” so you’re both calm and relaxed helps both of you start the lesson in a good place.

Staying relaxed when the dog is trying to get out of its crate will help the dog calm down, as well.

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