Announcing our Latest Cover Dog Winners

Here we go! It’s time to announce our Orvis Cover Dog Contest winners who will appear on our Spring and Summer 2016 Dog Books.

As always your photos and participation did not disappoint. From April – September we received 7,000 entries in our twelfth contest to date, resulting in some fun and beautiful covers.

But most importantly your photos and votes helped to raise $39,000 for our partners at Morris Animal Foundation and their efforts to fight canine cancer. We can’t thank you all enough for joining this effort which has raised over $1 million total since our first contest. We’ll announce our top donor dogs from this contest shortly to celebrate their fundraising efforts.

Lastly, don’t forget to play again! Be sure to enter our current contest for a chance to get your pooch on the cover and to help pave the way towards another million!

Here are your winners:

Arabella, from Emily Heston in Seattle, WA.

Aspen, from Samantha Tobias in Falls Church, VA.

Eulalie, from Jenny Ward in Greenville Junction, ME.

Hunter, Willow and Piper, from Katie Felton-Moore in Conover, WI

Koi, from Emily Klarer in Moab, UT.

Mijbil, from Robin Goodlad in Wimborne, United Kingdom.

Penny Lane, from Alex Terry in Richmond, VA.

Tucker, from Molly Gjodesen in South Salem, NY.

18 thoughts on “Announcing our Latest Cover Dog Winners”

  1. I am VERY partial to Hunter, Willow and Piper as I follow them daily on Fb.
    Hunter, especially, has taught me much about life and living and courage and the will to go on and to always keep moving forward.

    These are ALL beautiful dogs and Tucker is very funny, peeking over the dock but, my heart belongs to Hunter and his sisters!!!

  2. I have followed Willow, Piper and Hunter for several years now. Their adventures at Camp Willie Wonka, have been fun.

  3. Hunter willow and piper are my favorites… Kate’s pictures light up Facebook and she makes a weim calendar better then any commercial made that one I’ve ever seen. She can be found on Esty!

  4. They are all very sweet, but my heart belongs to Hunter, Willow and Piper (second only to my own two dogs)! I love the way the two Weims look one way and the GSP looks the other. They’ve got all angles covered–just like Orvis!

  5. My favorite is Hunter, Willow and Piper <3 Kate has taken so many wonderful pictures of the 3 of them! They make me smile and have been an inspiration in life as well. The pictures on Orvis are all wonderful but my heart belongs to the trio and Kate~

  6. my heart goes out to Hunter and sisters <3
    all pictures are "pawsome" but that one has a special place in my heart and soul.

  7. so great to see our american friends Hunter, Piper and Willow being chosen, ” The Pawsome Trio” , luv from Scotland. u.k.

    1. What nonsense? It just so happens that people truly appreciate and admire the sincere beauty captured in Kate’s photos. And it’s quite obvious that this ‘pawsome trio’ is well known and respected. IMHO, all the dogs are winners and all of the winning photos are beautiful.

  8. Three barking cheers for my fur nieces and nephew! Hunter, Willow and Piper are amazing dogs filled with such character and charm just like their wonderful mom! She works so hard and is fully dedicated to them. I deeply admire her for that and she has a natural gift capturing HB, W, and PJ in action!

  9. And here again……….have followed Willow, Piper and Hunter for several years now. Their Mom, Kate takes the most wonderful pics of the 3 of them. They definitely have a story to tell. Of course they are dear to my heart and my personal best Cover however, all of the covers are simply gorgeous! Way to go Orvis!

  10. They all make me smile but I must give a special cheer out to Hunter, Willow and Piper. The dream team! Amazingly special dogs with an equally amazing mom. Congrats!

  11. Loved see the amazing shot of Eulalie in my mail box, she is beautiful and the shot is so serene. Congratulations to Eulalie, Jenny Ward and all of the other winners.

    Emily Heston & Arabella

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