Our 45 Favorite Outdoorsy Dog Names Inspired By Nature

Baxter belongs to the family of Orvis Social Media Manager Tucker Kimball.
Photo by Tucker Kimball

If you love outdoor activities, chances are your dog loves them, too. And few things complement a wild, outdoor dog like a strong, outdoor-themed dog name. From Aspen to Zephyr, there are countless names for dogs inspired by the outdoors. Countless, of course, until you sit down to decide which name best captures your new pup’s spirit and the adventures that await.

To lend a hand to those of you who love to pull names from the environments and sports that fill our lives, we collected names from colleagues, family, friends, and anyone willing to share their favorite outdoor-inspired dog names. Included are mountains and rivers, conservationists and climbers, anglers and fly tiers, trappers and travelers, and even a hat maker. Whether you’re calling your dog across a mountain meadow or getting their name embroidered on their hunting collar, these are our favorite unique outdoorsy dog names, in no particular order.

Did we miss a name? Let us know in the comments below.

Female Outdoor Dog Names

1. Hillary

In 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first people to set foot atop Mt. Everest.

2. Madison

A name that avoids the arrogance of being too unique, yet still pays tribute to one of North America’s greatest trout fisheries.

3. Aurora

A majestic light show for a majestic canine.

4. Nellie (Bly)

In 1889 Nelly Bly set the record for the fastest trip around the world, circumnavigating the globe in only 72 days.

5. Anna (purna)

Annapurna is not a single peak, but a massif including Annapurna I Main, the tenth highest mountain in the world at 26,545 feet, and thirteen peaks over 23,000 feet. In 1950 Annapurna I Main became the first of the “eight-thousanders” to be climbed, when Maurice Herzog and his team summitted. It’s also considered the most dangerous of the eight-thousanders, with only 191 ascents completed as of 2012.

6. Rosie (Roosevelt)

America’s conservationist president, Theodore Roosevelt, signed into law the creation of the National Parks and the Antiquities Act, which created the National Monuments, protecting more than 230,000,000 acres during his presidency. And before he entered his political career, he was a cowboy in North Dakota! We approve of any name variation to pay homage to this great conservationist (see the more direct name suggestion, Teddy, below).

7. Katie

Yes, she was a singer and actress, but Katie Lee was probably best known as an environmental activist and whitewater rafter who explored Glen Canyon in the days before it was flooded by the Glen Canyon Dam.

8. Mardy

Raised in Alaska, Margaret “Mardy” Murie helped in the passage of the Wilderness Act in 1964 and was instrumental in the creation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She’s known to conservationists everywhere as the “Grandmother of the Conservation Movement.”

9. Rosalie

Rosalie Edge campaigned for women’s suffrage before she became a devout conservationist in the second half of her life, when she led the fight to protect birds of prey. A 1948 article in the New Yorker called her “the most honest, unselfish, indomitable hellcat in the history of conservation.” Save this name for a pup with personality!

10. Fanny

Before modern climbing equipment, Fanny Bullock Workman explored Himalayan glaciers and peaks, setting the women’s altitude record multiple times. She left a climbing legacy through her accomplishments, books, and maps.

Male Outdoor Dog Names

1. Baxter

The high point of Maine’s highest mountain (Katahdin), Baxter Peak is the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

2. Muir

OK, for a one-syllable name it doesn’t easily roll off the tongue, but perhaps it’s balanced by reverence for America’s greatest conservationist.

3. Stetson

Not only the iconic hat of the American West but this name also evokes imagery of rugged terrain and big landscapes.

4. Ansel

Few names inspire more reverence for the outdoors than landscape photographer Ansel Adams.

5. Bridger

Jim Bridger was one of the most famous mountain men to explore the Rocky Mountains. Save this honorable name for only the most adventurous canines.

6. Lefty

The undisputed father of modern American fly fishing, Lefty Kreh is responsible for generations of newcomers to the sport. The name works on multiple levels if you also have a dog named Pancho. Get started with Lefty Kreh here.

7. Cap or Cappy

How many other rock faces have an Oscar? El Capitan has always been a jaw-dropping monolith framing the Yosemite Valley, and has been the pinnacle of American rock climbing for the past 60 years, but in 2018 it entered the mainstream in the movie Free Solo.

8. Teddy (Roosevelt)

Yes, you can pay homage to one of America’s greatest conservationists and outdoorsmen with both male and female (Rosie, above) names.

9. Waldo

Ralph Waldo Emmerson led the transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th Century, which emphasized the inherent goodness in nature.

10. Aldo

While Muir gets all of the Instagram quotes, Aldo Leopold’s Sand County Almanac became the cornerstone of America’s biodiversity and ecology policies.

Unisex Outdoor Dog Names

1. Denali

Spend some time in a mountain town and you’re bound to meet a dog named for North America’s highest peak.

2. Aspen

I’m talking about a place where the beer flows like wine.

3. River

Is there a better, more natural name out there? We don’t think so.

4. Fitz (Roy)

First ascended in 1952 by alpinists Lionel Terray and Guido Magnone, this iconic peak in Patagonia has become a proving ground for climbers around the world.

5. Purdey

Field & Stream claims the Purdey Side-by-Side Game Gun “epitomizes the British game gun, which represents the Platonic ideal of a shotgun.” If you don’t have the $100,000 for a Purdey, you can at least pay tribute by naming your hunting dog after the finest upland shotgun ever made.

6. Bear

Some dogs live up to this name, while for others, their size makes it ironic. Still, “Bear” is a classic that shows no signs of disappearing.

7. Wulff

True royalty of American fly fishing, Lee and Joan Wulff have taught thousands to fly fish, authored books (The Dynamics of Fly Casting by Joan Wulff) and instructional videos, and designed some of the most legendary flies in your fly box. It’s also a fun play on words, as most people will assume it’s spelled as the more popular canine homonym.

Our Favorite User-Submitted Nature-Inspired Dog Names

  • Duck
  • Goose
  • Fisher
  • Smokey
  • Griz
  • Misty
  • Cricket
  • Summit
  • Sky
  • Jib
  • Spinnaker
  • Daisy
  • Gunner / Gunnar
  • Timber
  • Birdy
  • Arrow
  • Hatch
  • Ranger

Dog names, especially outdoorsy dog names, are subjective. So, whatever their name, we think you’ve chosen wisely. Whether you go with a dog name inspired by the outdoors, or you go with a more popular dog name, we hope you have fun naming your new pup. And to make sure your dog friend’s name is known to everyone, especially if they get lost, consider giving them a personalized collar with their cool, outdoorsy name embroidered into it, along with your phone number.

Did your dog’s name make the list? Do you have a favorite outdoorsy dog name that you think should be included? Let us know in the comments.

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          1. My two Hybreds (McKennzie wolf , Malamute) were Thor & Odin , and when I was a kid my Coon Hound was Sniff , my best pal .

        1. Great name. That’s the name of our Yellow Lab. She responded to that name the first time we called Bailey. She was a lost little puppy, when she physically wandered into our lives.

        1. I love the name Oakley. We almost named our male Aussie Oakley, but I my husband liked Murphy….aka Murph! LOL

        1. As a Scot I love Macallan (a great single malt).
          But our Aussie is Enzo (as in Ferrari) after the best dog book & movie ever – The Art of Racing in the Rain.

          1. Enzo – Best name ever!! We named our Boxer Enzo after the dog in Art of Racing in the Rain and the fact the Enzo in Italian means “ Ruler of the House” and he definitely rules our hearts and house. Our other 2 Boxers were Wiley Coyote and Bailey!!

          1. I had a chocolate Lab that was Mackenzie Loc Dirge (Loc Dirge is a lake in Ireland – his Sire and Dam were Irish). Mack had 15 good years…

      1. I have two Newfoundlands. The female is named Molly for the unsinkable Molly Brown and the male is Smokey for Smokey the bear.

        1. My Grandfather’s name was Clyde; few people are given that name now, so I enjoyed finding it here.

          But Shakespeare us a rich source too, especially for females. I’ve named my bitches Celia, Miranda, Claribel, and Rosie (Rosalind). They are now in my office with me, proofreading.


      1. Have you received many calls, “Clyde”? your dog is here @ 4205 Windsor Way‼️‼️ Anchorage, AK.
        I rescued him from wolves with my Henry 44mag‼️

      1. Our precious little Pomeranian is the “Sunshine” in our lives. !! He is definitely the only one who comes when we call out, “Sunshine”!!!

    1. Dublin….because I love and have loved Ireland since I was a child. Dublin is the heart of Ireland, a beautiful lush, green country. More nature in Ireland that any country on earth. Dublin encapsulates that experience!

      1. Had a beautiful yellow lab named Dublin. Now have a Keela Rose (black lab), Hunny Bee (golden retriever) and a ZuZu Petals (mix).

        1. Our recently passed Golden Retriever was named Doolin (town in Ireland) for my husband’s favorite place in Ireland.

          1. Finn is our chocolate lab and Barkley was our first yellow lab’s name. Bear was our black lab’s name.

          1. Our standard black labradoodle is Good Golly Miss Molly She is Good she is Golly she is Miss Molly she doesn’t dance but she sure can cuddle

      2. We also have a Dublin… He was born on St Patrick’s Day. It was meant to be as we have a strong Irish heritage. I certainly agree as far as Ireland being beautiful and it’s gorgeous mountains and landscape is breathtaking.

    2. Two “girls” with Orvis collars: Ginger & Bella. Have to say that of your list of “favorites” I recognized about three. The rest seemed rather remote.

      1. Agree … expected to see more “gaming” words and hunting ground geography sort of names ? Tho over the years I have been honored to be the namesake of several Maggies

      1. The breeder we got our border collie puppy from, said his name had to start with a “D”…I came up with “Dave”….Dave’s not here!

        1. Argos & Lilly are my Great Pyrenees. Recon, King Shepherd leads the way; Rascal & Bowie, Border Collie/Catahulas herd our livestock & Sparkle, Lemon Beagle loves everyone!

        2. I have a dog named “Batman”. He’s a mixture of some things, not big and very smart!
          He’s my dog #5 and I love him so much!

      1. We have a “JAKE” a Jack Russell Poodle Mix that we Rescued 14 years ago!!! He is an AWESOME dog & such a SPECIAL Edition to Our Family!!!! ‍❤️‍

    3. Named my GS Spartacus. In short he has become “Sport” which covers my love of Sports. He’s also simply known as “Buddy”. Best friends can have names that evolve.

        1. My did was named Bella Raggazza Maggie. It means beautiful girl Maggie. We called her Maggie she has been gone 5 years and we still miss her so much. She was a yellow English Lab.

      1. I have a new pup, black cocker named Max. Love the name! this is my 5th dog. I had Barney, Lucy, Patsy and Duffy and a ferret named Molly.

      1. My bullmastiff’s name was Cooper but we lost him to cancer last year.
        We now have Bullmastiff puppy named Titus.

    4. Ripley – meaning a clearing in the wood and shouter’s meadow, perfect for a Beagle girl that “rips” up the land and bays!

      1. We have a Black Lab named Duck. He is 110 lbs. and 1 yr. old. He is a big Lab, and not over weight. He is a good one, but our Chocolate Lab Rescue rules in our home. He is a rescue, and just 84 lbs.

      1. I had a terrier named Maggie May. Most ot the other recent names are unfamiliar, and I’m a retired veterinarian.

        1. Our 5lb Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) is also “Maggie May”. She had surprise sickly pups, “Palmer” bc he could fit in the palm of your hand, passed at 3 days old. And tiny 3kb Kira lasted 2ys. Maggie May is 11yrs.

    5. Mine are the “greatest” British Service Dogs known to all of mankind- (MI6, MI7, MI8)

      “Q” “007” And these two can’t go anywhere without their “MONEYPENNY”!

    6. We had Breezy; Misty; Molly; & Hanna – all lived an average of 13 years each. As well they were very special & wonderful dogs!

      1. I’ve had many dogs in the course of my life.
        Topper a beagle
        Tang a schnauzer cocker poodle mix
        Gypsy Rose Lee a German Shepard
        Falkor a English mastiff aeridale Great Pyrenees mix
        Milo my current pup a flat coat retriever

    7. We have a female lab mix named Cassidy. She is named after a Grateful Dead song, “Cassidy”.

    8. Beau!! (French for strong and handsome – our fluent-French speaking daughter came up with the name as a high schooler)

    9. I had the best black lab named Coal. From an Elton John song, “He was black as Coal, and he burned like fire”. He was an Island Dog!

    10. I love finding/using not-so-common unique names! These are a few I like (only a couple I’ve used):
      Indigo (Indy)
      Remington (Remi)

    11. Great name is Tumble, name I saw of a dog on CBS Sunday morning. It was a terrier mix needing to be adopted!

    12. Great name is” Tumble,” a name I heard of a dog on a recent CBS Sunday Morning story. He is a terrier mix, rescued from New Orleans, Hurricane Laura, needing to find a home!!!!

    13. While my last four dogs (Brittany Spaniels) were named Charlie, Jessie, Jake, and Meadow, I like to see dogs named for memorable canines mentioned in folk songs: Rattler, Blue, Towser, Ranger, Rover, Crickety, Old Shorty, Queenie, Ruthie, Red, Toby, Tray (Old Dog Tray, a song written by Stephen Collins Foster), Ringwood, Rally, Duchess, and the like. And, of course, there are the noble dogs of history and fiction: Shep, Bob (son of Battle), Cutty Sark, Bobby (of Greyfriars fame), Hector (from Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales), Lad, Lassie, Rin-tin-tin, Flush (Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s loyal Spaniel), and even Crab (from Shakespeare).

    14. Our banker had 2 bird dogs named “Cash” & “Check”.
      My brother had a black lab named “Togiak” for a river in Alaska.
      We had a pitch black dog named “Midnight”.

    15. Uhm – I don’t know where you got those names from lol – none are what I hear lol – Bits Neroh Emma Frida Pico Velvet Emmy Lulu Lion Finn Pip Conor Zara Nakoma Dusty Dougie Samson and Raven oh and Darcy Maggie and Ruben

    16. We have had retired greyhounds since 1991 and each and every one of them has loved their Orvis beds. The boys were and are, Sam, Pi, Mac and Dubs. The ladies were and are, Hannah, Lara, Thunder, Ellie and Essie. Good dogs one and all!

    17. 2 female English springers – one is Rainey, it was raining when we picked her up, 2nd is Indi – we are racing fans…

    18. a dog’s call name should be a single syllable that isnt easy confused with a command or anything else by the dog. Kate, Drill, Vicki, Joey, Peg, etc. A dog’s call name shouldnt be a name that the other dog’s are going to make fun of. For herding, working and hunting dogs please no foo foo names that sheep, livestock or game are going to laugh at

    1. Great name as we have a mix female 11 1/2 yrs. Doberman, shepherd and chow. She has been a wonderful dog. Got her name from another customer when we went for ice cream. We hadn’t even got her til the next day.

        1. We had a Golden named Duchess, a great dog.
          Also had a Golden named Molly, and our present Golden named Gracie.
          Love Goldens, they make great companions for young and old.

    1. Our Irish Red Setter is called Woody – and we have a cat we called Buzz ! Toy Story’s a favourite in our house

    1. Our rescue is also named Angus, but he’s not a lab. He’s 75-lbs of a sort of great pyrenees, and sort of not, mixed in with other stuff. We call him “Goose” for short.

  1. Okay, so they’re Chihuahua’s but love the outdoors. And it’s too bad Orvis doesn’t offer a collar size small enough for them, as I would buy them. Their names are Charlotte, who is 3, and Carrie, her mother, age unknown, as they were strays picked up in Dallas, fostered and adopted by me when Charlotte was only 10 days old!

    1. Two of my daughter’s rescues are one eyed! Igor is a Pughuahua and Iris is a Chiweenie. Our rescues are Wendy, a large English looking hunter from the streets of Baja and Jack, a Parson Russell.

  2. My buddy’s name is “Trigger” and is a rattlesnake bite survivor. His little Cairn terrier cohort is “Jasper”.

  3. Having volunteered at an animal rescue shelter, I can say your names are not in the top ten and certainly not the most common. Not one dog name on your mail list has been seen here in the last 3 years. Only one name on the female list has been here.

  4. My precious one is Lady Emma (a Jack Russel, Whippet, Bijon Freese, Chihuahua mix). She runs like a fox.

  5. Since our white lab looked like a baby polar when we bought her at 8 weeks, we named her Osa, which means bear. We didn’t want to just call her bear as she is not a bear, so we just switched the language…ha!

  6. We named our male Australian Shepherd Sky, partly because one of his eyes is sky blue.

    We have some friends who named their Golden Retriever Gibson, after the martini.

    1. I love reading doggie names!!! Everyone who posted is a proud and loving parent!! We chose a botanical name by giving our girls very special ( to me) names . . .
      Molly Rose
      Lily Frances
      Emmy May
      Willow Cho Grace
      Sage Marie

      All Wheaten Terriers!!!

      1. Grain names for some of mine:

        Then there was Ghillie the Scottish terrier named for the hunting suit.

    2. We had a blue merle, female Aussie named Maggie. Her sire was from Aggieland Kennels and female Aggies are named Maggies. Gig em Ags.

  7. My lab is known as “Captain Morgan “
    His color matches the rums color.
    My email was my black labs AKC registration name
    Call name Zoey.

  8. Belmont

    – adopted Lab/flat coat retriever mix from the Atlanta Lab Rescue on Belmont Stakes day this year
    – a classic name for a classic dog
    – she has as much energy as this race is long

  9. We have two labs. The black is named Gladstone, from Sherlock Holmes, and the yellow is Wiggins, also a Sherlock character.

      1. My female Brittany I hunted with for 15 years was named Scout after the little girl character in the book “To Kill a Mockingbird.” My female GSP I have now is named Dixie.

        1. Hi James, we have had Freckles and Hersey bith Springer spaniels. Of course a Lady, Golden Retriever; Ginger, a pug.
          Newest edition is, Arya, an English Setter.
          Merrily Sparling
          ( my husband is descended from Sparlings who settled Cape Breton)

    1. Hondo, after the Hondo Valley outside of Ruidoso, NM
      Blanca, after Sierra Blanca, the mountain outside of Ruidoso, NM
      Arrow, after my sorority pin

  10. Tlooki. It’s the name of a lake near my Trap Line and the name of the most westerly mountain in the 7 Sisters Range near Kitwanga BC nearly 800 km away… I still don’t know the 1st Nation meaning… – Terry (Well-Digger)

  11. We couldn’t change our rescued shorthair pointer pit mix, who was given the name George, which fits him well. Our girl is Charlotte (Charlie or Char most days)! Love the human names for dogs.

  12. My 5 year old Border Collie rescue reminded me of Kramer. A bit nervous, a bit intense and a very very good friend

  13. I guess we didn’t make the cut.
    Savannah – Basset Hound
    Aladdin – Gordon Setter, his mother was Jeannie.
    Pearl – Clumber Spaniel that loves to be dirty, so it is short for the Black Pearl.
    Mushu – Pekingese
    But it is ok to be different!

  14. Gatwick. Our standard poodle. And Captain Peapod our little rat terrier. Llana our golden retriever and Sabrina a yellow lab.

  15. Always liked the name Biscuit from old western movies so that’s what we named our Yorkie (male) . He has a sister so we named her Honey.

  16. My eight pound Maltchi is named Chummy. He is a blessing because he brightens so many people’s day!

  17. Our motto is, “will travel to adopt a rescue”. We are maxed out at four hybrid dogs , Holly (F) Georgia/Alabama line, Moose (M) Florida, Porter (M) Texas and Remi (F) Indiana.
    The perfect quad!

  18. We have had over the years …Buttons, Pepper, Bandit, Midnite, Sargent, Pocketts, Shadow, Scout, Chance and Bullett.

  19. Orvis His name was Orvis Fenwick Wiley Red.
    Best dog I ever had He was a vizsla.
    A great hunter. I miss him still.

    1. I have been owned by weimaraners since 1997. Conformation and Hunt were next. “Monaco” (Champion Silhouette-Silverthorne’s Princess of Monaco) was so named as there were eight girls in the litter. The theme was “Princess”. Grace Kelly was given a weimaraner puppy as an engagement present. Rainier is a terrific male name.

  20. My first golden’s name was Tyde, aka Meadowpond’s Welcome Waggin’. He was one water loving dog! He went on to become my heart dog.

  21. My boy Weimaraner’s name is Huck (Huckleberry Finn). He is always up for outdoor adventure. Perfect name for him. And he is the perfect dog for me.

  22. I Have two new top Favorites for you Orvis!!
    My Boy and Girl Gordon Setters, Star and Blake should be at the top!
    Single Syllables too!! Ha

  23. My first lab was named Ande after ANDE Monofilament. Amazing hunting dog that loved being out on the water!

  24. In order since 1971
    Lady & Rascal, black labs litter mates.
    Buck, black lab, AKC,
    Duchess, yellow lab,
    Buster, black lab,
    Taz, rescued German Shepard,
    Sequoia, rescued white lab,
    Timber, rescued black lab mix,
    Ranger, biggest black lab on the planet,
    Copper, beagle,

  25. Our previous two Dalmatians’ names were Nick and Nora Charles, after the characters from “The Thin Man.” Our current two Dalmatians are Monty (after a former weatherman on the Australian Today Show) and Lily (after Mrs. Munster). Monty’s original name (given by the breeders) was Benjamin. So his full name now is Monty Benjamin, and he sometimes goes by “Mont B.”

  26. My dogs name is Rusty
    He’s sort of Corgi
    The only thing is that if it’s wet out:
    I call him Musty and if it’s dry out I call
    Him Dusty
    The best!!!!

  27. My female black Lab’s name is “Black Betty”, Betty, for short. We both love rock and roll, and love to dance. And also, hunt pheasants!

  28. Our 100 lb. Golden Retriever boy is Rebel. Our son went to Ole Miss when we got him and that is their mascot. He definitely lives up to his name. He’s the best thing that ever happened to our family.

  29. Had a mixed spaniel named Lucky, a Skye Terrier Geordie, Dandie Dinmont Cris Cringle, two PBGV’s Chester and Woodie and a Havanese Jellybean

  30. I have two handsome devils, Whitaker and Willoughby. Rescued brothers at 6wks old, left on a set of railroad tracks in a cardboard box. They are now 7 yrs old

  31. Best aussie cattle dog-CINCH because she was found on our property and was a CINCH to train at all things–super smart
    CC for short

  32. Tara- In Hinduism and Buddhism, the goddess Tara (Sanskrit: तारा, tārā), is the second of the Dasa (ten) Mahavidyas or “Great Wisdom goddesses”, and is a form of Shakti, the tantric manifestations of the goddess. She is also the goddess of redemption. In my life there have been two. In 1968, a runt of the litter German Shepard that I adopted out of the county shelter in Seaside. She, having never been away from me freaked when I came down with pneumonia and had to stay with my folks. The second being a Treeing Walker Coonhound rescued through the Beagle Freedom Project who was terrified of the world having spent the 1st 11 months of her life in a cage in a lab in Colorado. As I said, terrified of everyone, except me, who she greeted like, well like the first one did. I am pretty sure it is the same spirit. Tara, who is a poster child for BFP (he said proudly), is the most beatiful of her breed I have ever seen. I am thankful that she found me again. True story, FYI.

  33. Our whacky, also “psycho”, gallops or runs everywhere-German Shorthaired Pointer is Shadow. Our previous GSP was a retired Military Working Dog named Haus. He was an Explosives Detection Dog. We adopted him from the Air Force. Miss him still!
    Over the years there have been, in order: Buffy/Border Collie, Kelly/Irish setter, Doc (Holliday)/Irish Setter, Brando/English Setter, Gretchen/Doberman Pinscher, Chew/Shar-Pei, Bear/Shar-Pei, Christie/Shar-Pei, Truffles/Shar-Pei, Keetna (shortened from Talkeetna, AK)/Siberian Husky, Ivy/Siberian Husky, Quincy/?mix rescued during a trip to New Mexico; left roadside in a canyon, Jake/Lhasa-mix, and Molly/Lhasa-mix. Whew! Miss them all.

  34. Our golden’s registered name is “Sweet Caroline of Fenway Park”, but we call her “Piper”. We bought her from a breeder who was a Yankees fan. She was not pleased!!

  35. My field bred English Cocker is Sadie. She’s a total sweetie.
    Over the years, I’ve had a Silver Michelob (Silver), Cheyenne Dakota (Kota) and Bittersweet Artful Dodger (Dodger). All male American cockers.

  36. Tahoe, as in the Lake
    Jackson, as in the ski town
    Frisco, as in San Fran
    Everest, enough said
    Glacier, pure white
    Dallas, enough said
    Travis, as in Lake near Austin

  37. My fox red labs name is Deets. I got the name from lonesome dove. Have to go we are playing fetch at 11 o’clock pm in the house. Lol got to luv labs

  38. I have Boy Scout, girl scout and Cub scout. I can call them in individually or all three at the same time…then I woke up and realized my wife wouldn’t let me name them that.

    1. I used to have a great dog named Booger. She was so affectionate once she got on you, you couldn’t get her off! She believed if a kiss wasn’t wet and sloppy, it wasn’t a kiss.

      1. Now thirty years later we have Munchkin, he is one of the little people you know. He is a puggle, half Beagle and half Pug, I found him roaming the street and our Echo (adopted from the Houston Humane Society in 2005) decided that Munchie was his little brother. Fast forward to last year, our beloved Echo passed away after fifteen wonderful years, Munchie becomes depressed. My wife Robbie finds a senior lab at the Houston Humane Society that needs a good home. Munchkin and I drive over and after the two of them click (it took about fifteen seconds) Munch has a new big brother. Mac is eleven years old and fits so perfect into our life I wonder why it took the fifteen seconds! As soon as the three of us got home, we went in through the garage, Mack went straight through the house and out the pet door to the back yard and did his business (it was a long drive) then refreshed himself in the fountain. Then back through the pet door to smooch with his new Mom. Robbie calls him Big Mac, but I am not a McDonald’s fan (hey we live in Texas, this is What-a-burger country) so I call him Sweet Mack. And he is sweet too, he and I dance every evening when I come in from work. At bedtime, I say come Mack, lets go to bed. Off to the bedroom where he piles up on his extra large bed from Orvis. In the morning, when the automatic coffee pot starts brewing he gives me more kisses as a wake up. Bets the heck out of an annoying alarm clock. One more thing, at night while we watch television, Mack is on his back, four feet straight up in the air, I think he trusts us.

        1. I got so carried away telling about Sweet Mack, I neglected Munchkin. Like I said he is one of the little people. When I came in the door with him the first time, Robbie said, “Where did you get the little Munchkin”. It stuck. He is what is called a rejected puggle, he is tri color like a Beagle, his nose is about one and a half inches long. Sometimes he yaps like a Pug, sometimes he bays like a Beagle, but he is my boy. He weighs twenty pounds and sleeps in my arms every night. When I first found him, I drove around looking for his home. He got car sick and still does, unless he is sitting in the seat with me next to the console. He is defiantly a character and his Dad’s boy.

  39. I love reading all the names! Thanks Orvis, great dog people…
    I’ve had Clancy (golden retriever); Ceaser (lab mix 100 lbs of love); Georgie (sheppard mix); and my current dogs are all mix dogs: Huggie Bear, Gigi Girl, Basha and Mono. Family also has Rose, Cinzia, Peanut, Roxy. 4 grown children with 10 dogs in the family! I write down names for new ones to adopt off the road or from a shelter – ALWAYS a Rescue. Thanks!

  40. 2 Shetland Sheepdogs

    Duncan MacAlisdair and
    Leagsaidh (Lexie) Lachland.

    Yeah, they are all that.

    Go Orvis!

  41. My three favorites from times ago…

    Trapper – named after Trappe, MD goose hunting

    Tucker – named after the Currituck Sound in NC

    Missi – short for her full registered AKC name … Mississippi River Queen

  42. Lost my best friend two years ago.His name was Xander.He was s yellow lab who was a magnificent hunter and the best friend to me and my family.I miss him more everyday that passes.

  43. Mc Duff but we called him Duffy. He was a golden retriever mix and he could never have a better dog than him! We lost him over 16 yrs ago!

  44. Ha! Two of our 5 dogs have names that made the list!
    Waldo- lemon and white Pointer
    River- brindle Great Dane
    …we also have Cisco (liver and white Pointer), Charlie (black and white Pointer), and Ripley (Fawn Great Dane). All visit the Orvis in Raleigh, NC at Triangle Town Center now and again, to stop in for pets and treats (and to help Mom pick out Yeti products). <3

  45. We have a male and a female Giant Schnauzer. Hugo is our male. Our female’s name is Ch. Walkin After Midnight, but she goes by Patsy. We had gotten Hugo as a puppy, but Patsy came to us as a four year old retiree.

  46. We named our dog Laya since we got her the year we went to the Himalayas – traveling from Tibet to Nebal by Jeep and stopped off at Everest basecamp at 19,000 ft.

    Himalaya, is a mountain range in Asia, separating the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. The range has many of the Earth’s highest peaks, including the highest, Mount Everest, Nepal.





  47. Our black lab was Bruno, named for the black dog in Edward Gorey’s story The Sopping Thursday. I currently have a black lab mix named Ranger (for The Lone Ranger, even though she’s a girl), and Goldie, a gold little dog who is actually named for Golda Meir, former PM of Israel. Meir means light in Hebrew.

  48. Had a 17 yr old mini pin that just passed over a month ago. Was so tiny & cute he was our little “Booger” RIP #1 BEST DOG. I & fam built, not a grave but a ‘SHRiNE/ALTAR to him. Succulent flowers/cacti; wind whirligig spin ers; a homemade cross; 3 rocks/ 2 handpainted with his name-3rd embossed name & his paw print; a hand painted ceramic time multicolored, modern graffiti style art name, dates& more. I go 3x’s a day: early am/midday & eve and talk & sing to him. The whitligigs fly when I sing HIS song. Ex essive? Not for him, he truly affects ted my life and loved me like the saying- I’d like to be the person my dog thinks I am. So I live better.. FOR BOOGER may 9 2002 to August 16, 8 40pmpst, 2019. I have a gift he left me: his daughter, 9 yrs, mini pin “Jude” Thank You God for my dogs/never forgotten/never the same The ache binds my chest & throat and tears fall daily. My son says Booger can see me & knows how I’m doing and he will always LOVE ME. My 9 yr old I’d having health problems now & diagnosed with fluid in lungs. IF I LOSE JUDE TOO My liver cancer can take over as I will lose fight Please PRAY. Please JUDE be able to live on medication/ I will give up Love your pets. Show them. Care for them.

  49. Spot. Owners were Dick and Jane of course. Previous Golden’s were Hennessy (because she was a licker/liquor), followed by Brandy for the same reason. Then there was Hot Shot.

    1. Our rescue,lab/shepherd mix is named Penny from the shelter. We added Lane to her name after watching a carpool karaoke with James Cordin & Paul McCartney. Found out that Lane is my great grandmother’s maiden name. Penny Lane is meant to be. Love this big, sweet girl!!!

  50. We named our German Shepherd dog Hans because our mentally challenged daughter could pronounce an “H” sound more easily than others, and because Hans is a German name!

    1. KODI — short for Kodiak, in honor of his heritage. A beautiful, white-haired, ice-blue eyed, 80-lb. boy who loved to run & swim & lay in the snow. Always by my side. My Protector. My Best Friend.

  51. MYdogsnames are Mr, Blackberry he’s a small black chahuahua-rat terrier mix and a aussie-border collie nam…ed Bellamudbucket===because she loves to play in the mud,“

  52. I have a Welsh Corgi named Maggie Mae,
    But just as easy could have named Maggie McFly, after the famous Maine female flyfisher(wo)man. Never thought of it till now.

    Maggie also goes by Magarooney, Magpie, Magooo, Maggo, Mango Woman and formally Miss Maggie Mae.

    Dogs are great!

  53. Igor Maynyak van Vrijheidsberg, Igor for short, 58 lb X 90 horsepower Black and White Siberian Husky. The greatest wooly bugger you could have in your house and heart. 29 years with three Huskies.

  54. Have a rescue pit named Maui, which came with her as a puppy. Had a friend with a dog named Blue. Had a Basset named Gwendolyn. When I was a kid I named our Dachshaund Bill, and would ask my brother’s girlfriends if they wanted my dog or my brother on the phone.

  55. Our golden doodle was the last of his litter to find a home. Within 30 seconds of meeting, we knew he was the one for us. He’d been living with the breeder’s household pack, but they’d been trying not to name him and referred to him by his rick-rack color ID color: Red. Turned out, he thought it was his call name. He’s been Red ever since!

  56. Rebecca aka Reebs, Peebs, Rebis Pebis,
    Mama (Pit bull mix)
    Yuma aka Yumiez (black lab)
    Zeus (staffie mix)
    Ziggy Marley (Rottie mix)

    1. We have a doodle named Jasper (inspired by Jasper, Canada) and a rescue schnauzer mix, Mimsy. She also answers to Mims.

  57. Greg
    My wife and I adopted an English Golden Retriever when he was estimated to be about 2 years old back in 2012 from a Golden Retriever rescue Society. He is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever been around. His name when we got was Remington so we called him Remy for short. We also call him Doddlebug, Remy Man, Big Boy, and Wild Man. Remy is just a “good old dog”!

  58. We had two Labs. Chocolate was named Jamie (for Jamison’s Irish Whiskey) and the yellow was named Tully (for Tulamore Dew). Now we have a rescued cockapoo named Molly (we didn’t name her).

  59. Pretty obvious trend here, but we have had Labs named Magnum, Winchester, Remington, Uzi and Mac-10 (son of Uzi).

  60. We live with a female Labrador named Zoey and it suites her perfectly as she is zany!!! And our male lab/pit mix is named Huxley. He is a loveable sweetheart. Both are rescues!!!

  61. Nelly Bly! Number 4 on your list was my dear English Cocker. Such personality! During her Canine Good Citizen test on the down stay command, she rolled over to her back, ears flopped out, jowls hanging loose, eyes watching me upside down. She passed the test because she stayed in place and didn’t follow me. Loved that dog. Latest English Cocker is Annie Laurie.

  62. Current pom was named Buddha for 48 hours then ate holes in the gyp bd walls and chewed the knobs off the dressers and became Havoc. Havoc has a yoranian brother, Spunk. The granddoggers are Daisy & Noodle. Past loves: Wing, Possum, Bones, Piglet, Rumba, Ruby, Lieb and Fable.

  63. My three year old Beagle/Walker coon hound mix rescue, is now named James, and he loves it. My 12 year year old Golden/white shepard mix is Joe.

  64. Our beautiful rescue deserved a beautiful name – her name, Sierra, reminds us of the places we still need to explore with her!

  65. We have a huskie/black lab with one blue eye and one black eye.
    His name is Mitas. Very smart dog.
    Needs attention all the time but so much fun.

  66. jOSHUA, my forever in my heart golden retriever rescue from Joshua Tree National Park, and MOOSE, my chocolate colored floppy eared English springer spaniel and border collie mix pup.

  67. Our samoyeds: Nomad ( the Samoyed people were nomadic), Nike (named for the goddess of victory but turned out to be more the missile of destruction), Yermak (16th century Cossack hero during reign of Ivan the terrible), and now Yeti (white, sneaky, big feet and, as a puppy, behavior that was abominable).

  68. Trigger, our rescued yellow Lab, was so big as a puppy, that the rescue agency folks named him after Roy Rogers’ horse. We didn’t change his name even though he never really lived up to it…

  69. Our male, Lakeland Terrier’s name is Stout for two reasons:

    First the color of his coat…dark body and light head, just like the beer!

    And, stout in heart!

  70. I have a beautiful Walker hound rescue named Ellie Mae (after Jed’s daughter on the Beverly Hillbillies).

    Take care when naming dogs cross-culturally: My family lived in Africa for 6 years and we had a black lab the kids named after Buddy, after seeing a movie about the first “seeing-eye dog” for people with visual impairment. But, the first time I stuck my head out the door to yell “Here, Bud!”, I could not understand why I got really strange looks from the neighbors. We learned later that, although we had been in language school, we were not taught that “bud” was the local equivalent of the f-bomb!

  71. My southern gals are Dixie (Maltese/Silky) she is 14 and my girls named her after the movie “Winn Dixie” and Bama ( Cattle Dog/Brittany) age 6 for the best college football team (ROLL TIDE !!!) .

  72. We didn’t get to name her. She came from Feathers English Setters already named Feathers Opal Divine: Feathers for the kennel, Opal because her litter was named for gem stones, and Divine for her mother, who was Feathers Divine Ingenuity. Anyway, she has been Opie for 13 years, and it works!

  73. My beautiful yellow now is Abbee the Labbee! Before Abbee we had Haylee, Valee and Melody – all my girls were smart amazing yellow labs. We also have 2 kitties Luckee and Francee. They are pretty cool, too!!! We have anywhere from 4-11 dogs at our office with 8 Orvis dog beds.

  74. My greyhound rescue came with the name “Bones”. While humorous and applicable, I wanted something more dignified for this sad creature. I renamed him “Sir Lenox Bones” and we call him Lenox. He seems happy with that.

  75. Ridge is the name I gave my male black Labrador Retriever. People always comment on his name when they hear it, and I think it’s unique, outdoorsy name.

  76. I’ve taught dog classes, go to training club every week, go to dog shows, over the past 40+ years and only recognize about 4 of your popular names.

  77. Our Golden is Haley because her daddy is Comet. We once had Telluride (telly),
    a Golden also, but she is in heaven .
    They have/had the Orvis collars with their name and phone number stitched
    in. A super product!

  78. We named our dog Meadow.

    We were hiking in the Dinaric Alps in Montenegro and our guide would call all of the dogs at the mountain huts “medo” or little bear in Serbian. Not long after we got home, we adopted a little black pup, and named her Meadow with the inspiration from our trip!

    1. I adopted two 5 month old standards. The previous owner named them Daisy (black female) and Duke(brown male) You can only imagine, DaisyDuke,DaisyDuke….. they did not know their individual names. They are now Daisy Mae and Elliott (my love for Sam Elliot). We love our standards. Also have a 12 yr. old Wheaten terrier named Annie, last year lost our 16 year old Wheaten Keeley.

  79. Our 3.5 yr. old “Golden Deceiver” is named Teddy. His predecessor Golden was Tucker Edward Dawson, AKC prefix was Orion, who we lost to doggy cancer in 2015. That was the longest worst day of my entire life, waking at 5:20 am to my wife shaking me that Tucker had passed overnight, laying 2 feet from me as my daughter and I made him comfortable just back from the vet hospital and the cancer surgery. We were supposed to get a few more months with him. Sorry for that, now on to some happier sharing!

    My daughter picked our current GR from the litter, and I really was OK with male or female; I just thought the name TED – as an acronym of our previous dog would be cool, and it could fit as TEDdy for both sexes. What I did not know is that my daughter Syd (she’s a dog whisperer) was also thinking the same thing, and decided to tell me right BEFORE I was going to tell her MY idea! She chose a male, and one we almost overlooked!(?).

    Our baby = Orion TEDdy Bear Dawson
    (AKC registered – we also learned our 2 GR’s had the same great grandpa!)

    He’s on InstaGram too as “teddydawsonthepup”.

  80. Jasper (Jazzie to his friends) is our three-year-old Golden retriever. He loves the water, chasing tennis balls, running in the woods, and sleeping in his Orvis bed!

  81. Never had a dog with any of these names, except a rescue Bear. I’ve had Tippy (5), Bingo Little, Bertie, Patch, Blaze, Beau, Breeze, Mack, and Mr. Smokey Joe Buster.

  82. We keep our dog names short…something you can shout across to the back of the field.


  83. My feisty rescue dog came with scars—burn marks— all over eight years ago when she was a year old. Previous owner was arrested after dumping her along the highway. She was kept at a kennel until the state prosecuted the bum, then became a rescue dog in need of resocializing. When ready to join a family we got her. ( We had put down our previous two dogs on account of cancer (Chaka, a rescue husky) and lyme disease (Bone, our rescue Red Bone Hound). Thai is gorgeous, strange looking, a super athlete, pure Thailand Ridgeback. Named her Thai. She’s still a nervous bundle of anxieties but captivating and loyal-to a fault. Widowed recently, i can honestly say she is indispensable to me now, fills the house with her personality.

  84. our rescue renamed “Bubbles” could not play, go up stairs, climb on the sofa, play with a ball now five years later she is a bundle or playful energy. up & down stairs, up on furniture, plays with toys, still working on playing ball!

  85. Our dog, Ernie Banks, rescued us at work one morning at 5:30 am so we rescued him right back! My husband’s from Chicago, has always played baseball, so Ernie Banks was the dry best name possible! Part Australia Sheppard, part terrier, etc. as per his DNA , Ernie’s a love! Finally conquering his fear of water, Ernie loves long walks on the beach, at the lake, kids, grandkids, and all things Social!!!!!❤️

  86. Our Golden’s have been:
    1. Rover
    2. Katy
    3. Pumpkin
    And our current Golden is:
    Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Fits her well.

  87. We have a menagerie, all with middle names:

    ~Leonardo Francesco (yellow lab-proud uncle and naps in the lake)
    ~Sullivan Knut (black lab/nephew/shadow to Leo)
    ~ Benedict Tonka (chihuahua/pug mix-thinks he’s bigger than the labs 🙂
    ~ Maynard Aliwishes (domestic longhair cat-mind controls all canines)
    ~ Zsa Zsa Marshmallow Bunya (ruby eyed angora rabbit-the boss of everyone)


    ~Lola Angelica (cockatiel-former boss of everyone)
    ~ Maxina Louise (yellow lab mix- frisbee and tether ball extraordinaire)
    ~Buckwheat O’Tay (black lab/sheep dog mix-anywhere there were kids and pool)

  88. Maxwell or Max a goofy loving giant standard pardi poodle and our crazy border collie mix named Maddie. Both have Orvis collars but maddie’s says Madison! She goes by many names: Madeline, Matilda, Maddie and Madison. No wonder she’s confused…poor girl!

  89. We actually went the literary route: currently we have Winslow, Fitz, and Cody; sadly, we recently lost Gatsby and Daisy.

  90. Buck !!
    Really not on the top of the list ! Anyone ever read Call of the Wild? My 110 pound blood hound/lab fits his name like a glove. Strength, determination, drips maleness, and testosterone !

  91. I named my little doxydoodle Pippin because he was a dancing fool. Also my shih tzu was Norton because he acted and responded just like Jackie Gleason’s sidekick on The Honeymooners.

  92. We named our Humane Society Special ‘Bobby’. He is quite like a Skye terrier and he looks like Greyfriar’s Bobby of Edinburgh. He is very loyal.

  93. Our Min Pin is red and is named Kenai.
    The Kenai river in Alaska is famous for Red salmon, which we enjoyed on our 4 year tour in AK.

  94. We had a black lab named Spinnaker (Spinny) – named for the colorful sail that you hoist when the wind is at your back. Perfect nautical name for a dog that loved water, too bad he did not like being on a sailboat.

  95. We adopted (from the Humane Society) Lady, Lucky, Athena and Liberty. “Lucky” was originally named “SIR BEAGLE”, but my husband didn’t like that name, so he changed it. (The dog’ll come to anything).

  96. Our (English) Chocolate Labrador is named “Salty” (Dog)! We live at her house on a beach facing the North Atlantic, with a close-up view of an island named “Salt”! Best call name for a pretty Choc!

  97. My 12 poodles names

    Harley D
    Dusty Roads
    Autumn Breeze
    Aurora Skyy
    Lil Willy
    Brandy Wine
    Stormie Rivers
    Baldor Arne
    Maggie Mae
    Moriah Dawn

  98. We have two rescues:
    Balthasar (Balti), an English Springer
    Bebe, English Coonhound
    Our first dog, eight dogs ago, was an Irish Setter named Rhymney. Opened a map to Ireland and pointed at random.

  99. My dog is a Pyrenees/Husky mix rescue. She’s white with very long, thick hair. Because she is a cold weather dog, I call her Chilly. Her middle name is Irene, after my maternal grandmother.
    My cat is also a rescue. He is black and white. His name is Tango and middle name after my mother’s brother, Joe. So he’s Tango Joe, sometimes called DooDad.

  100. We have K9 Lance German Shepherd, K9 Britta Belgian Malinois, K9 Egan Belgian Maliinois
    ( Terveran (coat) and K9 Rumble Dutch Shepherd.

  101. Our sweet, fox-like, super-smart, resident granddog John Denver began life on the mean streets of Bend, OR, before he found a home with our youngest, Kevin, who lives in Bend and owns Village Bike and Ski in Sunriver. John Denver loves being out and about in the country, whether hiking and biking in the mountains or paddling (and supervising fly fishing expeditions — he’s in charge of scaring off the fish) on the rivers and lakes of the the Pacific Northwest, or exploring the shoreline, fields, and forests of New England, where he’s been in residence for several years now, while his OR family is back and forth between OR and Ecuador. For some reason, though, no matter how many times we remind his CT vet that John Denver’s name is just that — John Denver — Dr. Hunt insists on calling him John. Just John.

  102. SOFY is our Puggle. She loves playing with a ball outside more than sleeping inside on the sofa, or even eating!

  103. Our Weimaraner is named Yogi. For a lot of reasons which would take too long to share. Anyway, we never say the word dog around him as he will get his feelings hurt he is so human like. We love him.

  104. Our adorable King Charles Spaniel mix is a rescue from Alabama now living near your Haverford store! He was named Wiley and it suits him!!

  105. Bunny is my West Highland terrier or rather terror! She digs holes, chases squirrels, growls at strangers who speak to me and ate 7 holes in the rug. . She has the speed and ears of a bunny rabbit . We love her dearly!

  106. Three rescue Labs. Emmett, Lila Grace and Heather Rose and one rescue Cocker Spaniel, Andy. All proudly wear their Orvis collars.

  107. I named my German Shorthaired Pointers German names, Bengel (rascal); Liebens (short for liebenswert – lovable, adorable) both males and Segen (blessing) my female. All rescues. Sadly all passed on. My two new rescues already had names; Rumour (female) and Keats (male).
    My first purchase for all of them was Orvis collars with their names and phone number

  108. Jace-Border Collie/Burmese Mountain dog current
    Trooper-Shepard mix was 17 when he passed
    Raider-Terrier mix was 13 when she passed
    Cats= Mom -Cheddar Kittens= Colby, Gouda current Garbanzo only lived 2 days
    Moto- already named current
    Katie, Corndog
    & Reggie strays that have come & gone.

  109. My sweet wonderful brindle rescue is called “Pollyanna” because of her sunny, always happy disposition & my other white spotted rescue is called Gracie because she embodies all the Graces!

  110. Haleakala, we called her Hale’, for Haleakala National Park in Maui, Hawaii. A special name for a special girl—she was the absolute best!

  111. Revelstoke named after Revelstoke Mountain in B.C. — my boyfriend and I had a WONDERFUL trip out there and just was amazed by the beauty! The skiing was unbelievable too — Can’t recommend this enough! We named our Golden ‘Revelstoke’ Revy or Revel for short!!

  112. We had a Beagle (our little devil dog) and a Corgis (our angel girl) who are now our dearly departed.
    Named Sir Chocolate Chip & Miss Dale Evens
    AKA Chip and Dale

  113. We got a black Bichpoo. When we got her I had my young granddaughter with me. She wanted to name her “Biscuit”. I told her that would be a burned “Biscuit”. So we ended up naming her “Maggie Mae” afrer the song.

  114. So far I’ve had
    JD ( for John Doe) yellow lab rescue
    Sage – chocolate lab female
    Luna- yellow lab female
    Huckleberry yellow lab male rescue
    My females get nature names my boys after literary characters ❤️

  115. Our rescued Eskie Bailey was named after one of our favorite places, Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin. Our now 14 year old Eskie mix Adam came to us at 10 years of age with the name and we love it.

  116. I named a lab “Kebler” after Kebler Pass near Crested Butte, CO.

    I liked a friend’s choice for a lab “Mallard”.

  117. Odin……also his father’s name (unbeknownst to us before naming him). And he’s been to and photographed in the New Haven store.

  118. Our three are Nikki, Jessie and Shelby, all Border Collies who each sleep soundly at night tucked into their own Orvis memory foam beds.


  120. I honor my home/field Bird dogs with one syllable names which do not conflict with the sounds of verbal commands:
    Dirt, my outstanding Riprap English Shorthaired Pointer
    Trash, my wonderful, good natured Llewellin Setter whom the Orvis endorsed breeder gifted to me because
    “Patch” (his kennel name) failed in training. It took me 4 months to correct Trash’s gun shy problems.
    Kate, (“Taming of the Shrew”) my too smart Llewellin Setter who ran Trash’s life and made him a perfect bird dog

    I have been blessed by great dogs

  121. We have a Vermont theme going on…Our tortie Cat is Lyndon, Our 3 yo male lab is Willoughby, “Willy”, our 2yo female lab is Caledonia, “Callie” and our almost 1 yo yellow lab girl is Victory “Tori”.

    1. Colleen, you not only have a Vermont theme going on, but a Northeast Kingdom one as well! My youngest daughter graduated from Lyndon State and I remember her talking about she and her friends going up to Lake Willoughby.

  122. Have had 10 German shepherds. HARVEY James(4)
    James MOOSE (3) James WILLIAM. “Willie” (3) Now have
    3 Shepherds all with those names My 8 Orvis dog beds have been
    Used by all w their 3 names on them. Collars too. Their names mean a lot from my life.

  123. I have 3 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. Lyra (after the constellation). Lumen (Absolute Brilliance from the smart litter & because lumen is a measure of brilliance). And then my husband said 2 dogs were the limit. So I have Limit (Absolutely Over the Limit).

  124. I was pleased to see BAXTER was on the list. My dog Baxter and I recently visited the Freeport Maine Store. His Full name is “BAXTER S BARK” after Baxter State Park.

  125. Oakley..
    A great female name for It’s named after the famous Annie Oakley. The first known female sharpshooter. Great if you have a bird dog.

  126. I’ve had 2 Labs with military inspired names. There was Kabar (the official knife of the Marines) who had a dogtag that said “Always a Brother” which is a common phrase to put on the knife when giving as a retirement gift. Then there was Claymore (an anti-personnel mine) who had a dogtag that said “Front Towards Enemy” which is what the actual weapon has written on it.

  127. Hi – I have a silver lab named Olliver, two ‘L’s’… 🙂 “Oh Olliver!!” our dog group says in unison – as he rolls in thick, icky mud! have to laugh !

  128. Our last two Goldens were brothers named for their personalities when we picked them out of the litter. They both retained those personalities through 12.5 wonderful years with them. We had to let them go together due to cancer in one and a neurological disease in the other.
    Tully – Gaelic for peaceful, and Mojo – the wild one.

  129. YumYum and ChooChoo – both rescue dogs.
    CC, m. – “his” dog, a 35 lb. soft-coated Wheaton, 2 yrs. older than YY. Named because John’s career was with the ATSF Ry. YY, f. – “her” dog, a white, 35 lb. mix with a Poodle nose! Named because we found her when we were visiting Los Angeles to attend the opera, her name comes from “The Mikado.”
    Each lived 15 yrs. We like to think that now they are still together, playing hide and seek, their favorite indoor game.

  130. YumYum and ChooChoo – both rescue dogs.
    ChooChoo, m. – “his” dog, a 35 lb. soft-coated Wheaton, 2 yrs. older than YY. Named because John’s career was with the ATSF Ry. YumYum, f. – “her” dog, a white, 35 lb. mix with a Poodle nose! Named because we found her when we were visiting Los Angeles to attend the opera, her name comes from “The Mikado.”
    Each lived 15 yrs. We like to think that now they are still together, playing hide and seek, their favorite indoor game.

  131. Our male Cocker spaniel made #1! Baxter and his older (by one litter) sister, Jennifer were named in honor of two vets at the University of Florida Veterinary College. Jennifer McCown and Katie Baxter did everything humanly possible to save our beloved Emily who ultimately succumbed to IMT, a horrible, horrible disease. Their super-human efforts are memorialized why the names of our present pups.

  132. We had two Siberian Huskies: Rivka and Rohn (named for a checkpoint on the Iditarod’s Northern Route )
    – greatly loved and never forgotten

  133. Our dog’s name is ‘Yoda’. She’s has caramel-colored short fur, weighs about 50 pounds, and her ears stick out from her head at 90 degrees – hence her name. She is pure joy – Makes sure we get our exercise by asking for several walks each day, keeps us warm at night, and protects us by barking wildly at any delivery person or the mailman. She’s also a great cuddler on the couch while we watch TV.

  134. Zboo Punkin my curr/treeing walker 90 lb female 5 year old reddish brown deer color blessing after my Cutie Boo chow/collie died after 17 years of companionship. Great squirrel and bobcat dogs. Sheba Boo, Major Boo, Shadow Boo, Midnite Boo, Trouble Boo, all chow/collies great hunters. Greatly missed.

  135. Our yellow lab is
    Rangerwood’s Merlyn the Magnificent

    We call him Merly unless he’s up to no good then its hey you knucklehead!

  136. We have a Black Lab named Duck. He is 110 lbs. and 1 yr. old. He is a big Lab, and not over weight. He is a good one, but our Chocolate Lab (Reggie) a rescue rules in our home, and just 84 lbs. He has got a personality plus. Then, we can not forget our tan lab, Tanner (82 lbs.), 4 yrs. old, and extremely smart, and probably our hardest worker. They all play hard together, and as Labs go, they love to swim, with Reggie being the fast one. No, I do not have a favorite. They all have their own personalities. Thou, Reggie has taken to me almost immediately. Yep, he is my boy.

  137. J. Hank Jones

    Quest, after my first whitewater kayak (Perception quest) and the quest to have my own dog. 1/2 English sheepdog 1/2 Wolfhound. 160 lbs. 6’2. A Gentle

    Raleigh. 1/2 German shorthair 1/2 Golden Ret. “Smartest dog in the history of the world.”

  138. My English Cream Golden Retriever , named Betty White after my heroine , loves mud baths and wood chips ! She often resembles a Snicker Bar

  139. My dad is a fly fisherman and he named his dog Mayfly. We sometimes call her May for short. She goes out with him on all of his adventures whether it’s fly fishing, camping, kayaking, or hiking! Her name really suits her!

  140. Amos is my Black and Tan Coonhound and best buddy! Like the lyrics in the song Amos Moses, “he can eat up his weight in groceries!”

  141. We have several awesome golden retrievers who loves entering more than retrieving ducks and pheasants; Mulligan, Maci, Tucker and Fitz. All Semper Retrievers!

  142. Love these dog names and the enthusiasm of their owners! Our super-smart Yellow Lab was Six Pack. The 2 Yellows that followed were Tucker and Cody. And now we have a Black Lab named Booker. His Chocolate brother is Gunner.

  143. Our black lab is CASH, the man in black. Course, we also call him Cashew, BigBoy, and PookeyBear.

  144. 100 lb Airedale rescued from the pound and named Rip (Rip Van Winkle) after the character in Washington Irving’s short story.

  145. My favorite name for one of my Yellow Labs is Beaver. His AKC registered name is Sher-Mi Leave It To Triever SH. He answers to Beaver, and Beav, and to my friends he is known as The Beav.

  146. Our Lab Pitt mix his name is Donny it totally fits him he’s a clown, he loves to play with toys and other dogs. Our Catahoula Leopard dog her name is Molly, she is full of energy, wags her tail constantly has a really sweet disposition and plays all the time. Both are rescue dogs…the best!

  147. My son has two GSP birddogs-the pedigree names are for the male “Born of the 4th of July” and for the female
    “Shacken Not Stirred” — their “call names” respectively are “Bruce” and “Olive”

  148. Huge Black Labrador named Coot (for the duck) who ate all the bows off my favorite shoes before we had been introduced!
    Barney short for Barnacle Goose perfect Yellow Labrador ever!

  149. Huge Black Labrador named Coot (for the duck) who ate all the bows off my favorite shoes before we had been introduced! Still the best.
    Barney short for Barnacle Goose perfect Yellow Labrador ever!

  150. My current Male, Gabe is named after Gabrielle, God’s messenger Angel. Theory is Gabe will send me many messages that birds are close. He already has done that in his first 4 years.
    Our current female Bella is named after her mother Cabella who is a hunter like her offspring. My wife merely took the “Ca” of her name and she is as sweet and beautiful as her name.

  151. We rescued a black German Shepherd from a no-kill shelter Magnificent Mutts. His name was Jeff. Who names their dog “Jeff”? He now answers to Max. A fitting companion to his older brother from another mother, Baron. Also a black GSD.

  152. We rescued our lab/pit mix with the name Titus! He is very handsome and sits on our front porch with us with such a regal posture that some people sometimes think he is a statue! Titus loves his Orvis Microsuade throw and Bolster Bed!

  153. Love these names. Best name for any of my dogs – Spooner, a wonderful lab/Golden mix I had many years ago (named for the dog in Jimmy Buffett song about the poet who became famous and rich after he died, and his dog Spooner inherited all his money so lived on steak and bacon).
    Now have a delightfully sweet Scooter (yellow lab female) and goofball Tucker (yellow lab male).

  154. Our 4 vizslas all brothers and sisters varying ages:
    Our 2 choc lab retrievers also brother and sister coming up to 11 years in age:
    Wouldn’t be without any of them they all have such different personalities, but all very loving dogs ❤️

  155. Skyler

    Twitcher Tess


    Ison (Holden)

    Loki (Lewis)

    Ozzie (Onyx)

    All French Brittanies; the last 4 are still with us and all the dogs have been great members of the family; and great upland pointers. the last 3 dogs have two different names depending if my wife or I am calling them. And they all sleep on Ovis dog beds when there is no room on the marital bed.

  156. I have two handsome brothers, Australian Labradoodles named
    Nigel and Chudley 3 1/2 years old
    I have lots of favorite names waiting to find dogs
    Nola, Nusse, Cyril, Wallis. Past dogs have included Ponce, Rommell, Willy, Heidi, Fritz,
    Tater, Freia, Nadja, Emily, Jib

  157. Our sibling Huskies were Niki (short for her registered father’s name) and Nova (for the beautiful white star on his forehead). When they died, we buried their ashes with the plantings of two new “Blue Eyed Spruce” trees in a local park — side by side forever.

  158. Our golden girl’s AKC registered name is “Sweet Caroline of Fenway Park”. (We bought her from a breeder in NJ who was a Yankees fan!). Her street name is Piper Rose. She turns 11 tomorrow.

    Our first golden was Molly Patricia of Estes Park. (CO).

    Looking for another favorite Park to incorporate into the next dog’s name…

  159. We have a female GSP who came to me as Gretchen but I registered her as, the grand Duchess Ms. Gretchen. Our male GSP is registered as Cazador La Magnifico (Caz for short). I rescued a Red Dobbie named Hayties and quickly renamed him Outlaw. I don’t even remember what they were calling our English Bull Mastiff when we recued him, but I have him registered as Timber lazy Oaks Erker (Timber for short). My daughter brought a sickly little 4week old Dingo/Lab mix that I hand raised and named Creature. They are ALL affectionately referred to as, the Erker “BRAT pack”.

  160. After a run of sighthounds named after British cars (Morgan, Riley, Cooper, Healey, Lola) we went with Callie, Felix & Finley.

  161. We have had:
    All English Setters, all marked Orange Belton, all genuine grouse dogs.
    Our daughter’s Weimaraners:
    Leo, Otto, Athena, Willow

  162. Our Golden Retriever is named Hatch. He was named on my way home from fishing a fantastic slate drake hatch on Penns Creek. We have an English Setter named Tag as in tag alder, a real bird hunting fanatic! So we have HatchTag LOL

  163. Our Flat coated retriever is an 80lb male that loves the water and fields. I’m an avid grouse hunter and his name is appropriately “Drummer”. Kind & smart. Prior dog was named “Luke”.

  164. We called our two labs Fred (black lab) and Nora (white-yellow lab) in “homage”to close friends who are avid waterfowl hunters( as we are ) and also have a wonderful marriage. They inspire us!

  165. Chirp (Female Shiloh Shepherd)
    Stryker ( Male Hound / Lab)
    Summit (Male Shiloh Shepherd)
    Maple (Female Plott Hound)
    Moose (Male Mastador)
    Oscar (Male Shiloh Shepherd)

  166. Our Border Collie sisters were cow and deer hunters named Ginger and Pickles and our current hounds are Hopeydope, a four feet in the air ball catcher lab mix and Al Gore a 4 lb. Chihuahua lap hunter.

  167. Bishop was a terrific dog, English Mastiff. Recently lost him.
    Meadow -rescue
    Buck – Rottie
    Canyon – German Shepherd

    Thanks to everyone for some great name ideas for our next pup.

  168. We have a Wire Haired Fox Terrier called Captain

    May be named after so many outdoor explorers Captain Scott of the Antarctic – Captain Worsley who was Ernest Shackleton navigator on the Endurance

  169. We have had retired greyhounds since 1991 and each and every one of them has loved their Orvis beds. The boys were and are, Sam, Pi, Mac and Dubs. The ladies were and are, Hannah, Lara, Thunder, Ellie and Essie. Good dogs one and all!

  170. We just lost our black Lab, Blue (you good dog, you)
    Had a Springador, Boone (short for Boondoggle)
    Black Lab, Ebo (tribe in Africa)
    German Shorthair, Ginger
    English Setters, Princess and Marty
    German Shepherds, Baron and Rebel
    Black Lab, Duke of Granite Point
    Black Cocker Spaniel, Scratch

  171. We have had three terriers over the past 30 years:
    1. Yorkshire: Name on the papers, Sir Winston. Nickname: Trouble ( smartest at getting his way of all our dogs)
    2 Norwich #1: Toby
    3. Norwich #2: Ty (short for Tyrant–he ruled the roost)

    After three terriers, we are exhausted, but still miss all three terribly

  172. Cinnamon Teal

    My dog is a red Field Golden Retriever. Her name is Cinnamon Teal (or Teal, for short). She is cinnamon colored and very interested in ducks, so this is a perfect name. Plus her collar is teal.

  173. Kili (Kilimanjaro) – for our female husky/lab mix who was our training dog for when we hiked Kili in 2010, and Kiruna – for our husky/pit named after Kiruna, Sweden where we went dog sledding.

  174. I have Fowler, my Golden Retriever named after professional golfer Rickie Fowler who is a determined and dedicated athlete with a sunny disposition, well-respected, popular with fellow players and fans alike, and ever the gentleman.

  175. My first dog, a standard Black and Tan daschund, was by Schneizer. His registered name was I SCHNEIZER OF ROCKINGHAM III! I’ve since had another tan dad hind Pretzel. 3 Goldens Sleepy, Sparky & Sydney, 2 beagle hound mixes Ren and Snoop and lastly our sweet treeing walker coonhound Rosie! I miss them all!

  176. This is a wonderful list! I’ll have to save this for our next pup. We have an English Springer named Grant (as in Ulysses S… ie. U.S.) because his full name is Telltale American Pride. Totally fits him.

  177. my goldendoodle is Bella and my mini walrus is Georgia. I never have seen your fav names. Hillary? Never have seen a dog with that name. Read all these peoples dog’s names and that’s how you should pick your fav names. I lost my Sophie and Sadie. Golden and a goldendoodle.




    (Our last name is White ) Snow is a 4 month old black Lab. She was born the day my mom died at 96 of Covid or old age or both. She always said, “When you lose a dog (we did–Lily, black Lab) at least you can get another one.) I realized after a couple of months. How I loved having a dog around, so put a deposit on one of two females in the litter. Named her Snow White because it makes me laugh and others when they ask! Lily White, Snow White.. the next one’s going to be Betty White!

  180. We adopted Ana to help comfort our old dog. She was so good, just like a Nanny. We kept her name and it seems most appropriate. She is kind, gentle and loving. She is also our princess. In fact, she is often called Princess Ana.

  181. Our Golden Retriever is Hatch! My husband is a carpenter and avid fisherman. We named him after Hatch’s Pond on Cape Cod. Later doing some research we found that there was a former Hatch – the oldest Sea Dog whose remains were discovered in a ship wreck. Sea Dog Hatch was named in honor of his owner, the ship’s carpenter!

  182. Our female Jack Russell Terrier mix is DeeDee, short for Delilah. My husband calls her Deeder or “the Der.” She’s small but mighty.
    Our JRT we gifted to our daughter is Gomer. Always on yhe watch
    Our American Fox Hound is Simon. He’s like an adolescent jock.

  183. Tobias of the Rockies is his registered name I call him Toby the beggar dog. He likes to sneak away and walk himself to the Alder park swim in the pond and twalk himself home, and bark for a treat because he came home. He’s 11 years old he acts like a puppy when we take him to any water. Today he swam in frozen Harvey Gap.

  184. I wasn’t able to go through all of these names but I went through about half and didn’t see one of my most favorite….SAMPSON! aka Sammy.

  185. i have a blue heeler, name CAPTAIN, 5yrs old. most loving dog. a neighbor moved and left him behind, so he is now in a loving home, and in return he protect’s me. he won’t let anyone come in the yard with out me knowing it.

  186. I have a (rescue) Beagle named Wiley — as in Wiley Coyote. He climbs trees, tries to jump over fences, is an outstanding hole digger, loves to take your socks out into the yard, & is able to destroy the “indestructible” dog toys! We love him!!

  187. Our deerhound/ greyhound/ bedlington lurcher.
    Full name: Wodehouse Namche Bazaar Kathmandu Delaney 1st
    But we call him Woody!

  188. We rescued Callie Mae, a 1 1/2 year old Golden Retriever after losing Quincy (our 12 year old Golden) We thought about changing her name but can’t imagine it as anything thing else

  189. My little spaniel mix was named Gakal. I brought her home with me from Kyrgystan where I worked for 6 months in early 2005. I fell in love with her and her me the first time we saw each other on a snowy morning in January. She was a tiny stray puppy in a big dangerous world and her days were numbered so I took her home with me with the help of my interpreter and her family. No airline operating in Kyrgyzstan would take dogs, so we traveled by bus from Bishkek to Almaty Kazakhstan where KLM would gladly take her to the US and then on to Spokane WA via United where we lived until she passed in July 2020. I was told her name meant “little spirit” and was a slang Russian term. I always loved her name and I loved her dearly the entire time she was on this earth. My wife commissioned a painting of her sitting by the Spokane River watching me fish. I look at it every day and relive the great adventures and times we had together.

  190. Our baby’s name is Ocean Bleu….
    She is a yellow lab…13 years 8 months old…best friend ever!!
    Ocean loves to swim..of course!! Everyday in the pool, thank God we live in sunny Florida!!

  191. LC like L C Smith shotgun; no , not my mother in law, Elsie Darbee. She’s a 5 1/2 yr old Brittany and a great bird dog.

  192. My Siberians name is Aurora always knew if I got one that would be her name, funny thing is got her from a private breeder and her mother’s name is Aurora

  193. Our big Mutt boy is Leaf. When we met him he was chasing Leaves thru a parking lot. Our daughter said if we get him let’s name him “Leaf” it stuck as he has, we love our big boy!

  194. Missy/Beagle
    Doc German Shepherd
    Pepper and Micah, Black Poodles
    Gabriel/ Orange Brittany
    Crunch Tater (Crunch Wheaten Terrier
    Mac (a/k/a Mr Patches Magoo), Maddie Mae, and Charlie Grrrrl, All Wire Fox Terriers
    We have a SWEET little white schnauzer named Mr.Pawker
    Each of the Wire Fox Terriers, the Brittany and the Wheaten lived beyond 15 years. We loved them all like family.
    We now have a SWEET little white schnauzer named Mr.Pawker. We call him Parker.

  195. My AK Malamute is Willow (after Willow, Alaska), my Spitz is Sitka, meaning peaceful and after the town of Sitka, Alaska and then there is my sled dog Delta, name after the Delta Jct., Alaska.

    Denali is over used here in Alaska so I avoid that name, but it is a good name.

  196. My wild and wacky canine pack happily includes Labradoodle pup – Ella; Cairn Terrier – Rudy; Miniature Schnauzer – Winnie; and Poodle/Cairn Cross – Charlie. All rescues but for Ella.

  197. Our Golden Retriever/Lab mix was named Newport because we got him on our honeymoon in Newport, Oregon. The best dog ever!!

  198. Some of my Labs: Chili, Dizzy, Storm, Honcho, Razz
    Llewelyn setters Rip, Pappy, Waylon
    Jack Russell: Humphrey

  199. When I was young I had a welsh corgi named Hemi. Then 2 black Labs named Pepper and Angel