Our Most Popular Post Ever: “Bad Dog/Good Dog” Video

[Editor’s note: Someone asked me today “What’s the most popular post ever on the Dogs blog?” The answer was easy to remember. This video practically blew up the Internet when we first posted it in 2013.]

Last month, we posted the above video, along with a note about the power of rescue and adoption. Orvis Dogs readers were clearly moved, and the post got forwarded and shared. . .a lot. . .enough that the post has been viewed more than any other in the four years that we have been doing this. Because of this popularity, I wanted to return to the video to make a connection between its message and the Orvis Commitment project in conjunction with the Petfinder Foundation:

Each year, five out of every ten dogs in shelters across the United States are euthanized for the simple reason that no one is there to adopt them. Nationwide, there were an estimated 6–8 million new pets added to the shelter system this year. The Petfinder Foundation is a nonprofit charity whose mission is to ensure that no pet is euthanized for lack of a home. Founded in 2003, the foundation helps homeless pets by saving lives through adoptions, helping shelters prepare for and recover from disaster, and working to make shelters across the country more sustainable.

The beauty of this Commitment program is that each contribution is matched by Orvis—dollar for dollar, up to $30,000—to double the donation and dedicate more money to rehoming strays and dogs from shelters.

As this title above makes clear, there’s no such thing as a “bad dog,” and the Petfinder Foundation is dedicated to seeing more happy endings like the one in the video.

Click here to learn more or to donate to the Petfinder Foundation.

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