#MomentofChill 11.28.18: Sibling Rivalry

Today’s #momentofchill features a pair of beautiful puppies play-fighting outside. For some puppies, wrestling is a favorite game. Dogs can also use wrestling to communicate with each other, as well as to burn off excess energy. Most of the play puppies . . .

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Dog Days of Winter: Five Safety Tips for Walking Your Dog in the Dark

Winter’s early sunsets mean more dog walks at dusk and after dark—along with additional dog walking safety concerns. In low light or dark conditions, visibility reduces significantly: car and truck drivers don’t see you or your dog as readily as they do in daylight, and you see less of the path before you. It’s important to take extra precautions to keep you and your dog safe when walking at night.

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The Best Dog Breeds for Families

The Perkins family poses with some of their pooches during a holiday gathering.
Photo courtesy Dave Perkins

When choosing the best dog breed for your family, answering a few simple questions can help steer you in the right direction. What are the ages of your children? What size home and yard space do you have? And, finally, how energetic and active are you as a family?

Answering these three questions helps you choose a dog with the energy level, exercise needs, and temperament that best suit your family’s lifestyle. A laid-back dog who stays calm in the midst of pandemonium, for example, is a wise choice for families with young children. If square footage is limited in your home and yard, a medium or small dog is a better choice.

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Video: Top 10 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Dangerous for Dogs

Pay attention to your dog during the busy holiday meal.
Photo by photo by Maria, Gastonia

Most dog owners are pretty aware of how human foods can adversely affect dogs, but sometimes our resolve slips around the holidays. Add to this that our guests may want to give the dog a. . .

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Are Ticks Active in Winter?

An adult eastern deer tick, one of the prime vectors of Lyme disease.
Photos courtesy the United States Department of Agriculture, via Wikipedia

Yes—ticks are active in winter, but their abundance and exploits are tied closely to the temperature. When it’s around the freezing mark, you won’t likely run across ticks when you go hunting or hiking with your dog. But when temps rise just above . . .

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#MomentofChill 11.19.18: Fall Friends

Today’s #MomentofChill is all about the joy in a relationship between a child and a dog. According to a research survey by the American Kennel Club, growing up with a dog benefits a child in many ways. . . .

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Why Is My Dog Itchy in the Winter?

If your dog is scratching a lot, there may be a problem.
Photos courtesy Katherine, Kansas City

Not long after the winter season’s first frost, comes the dry, itchy skin—for people and their dogs. Usually, your best friend is itchy in the winter for the exact same reasons you are, and the soothing fixes are similar. Though you can’t slather moisturizing lotion on a thick coat of fur, there are other ways to help. Read on to learn why your dog often scratches through the winter months, and how you can minimize her discomfort.

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Project Unconditional #37: A Senior Chiweenie Steals Everyone’s Hearts

Lori and Miss Kitty share a bit of dock time while ashore.
Photo by Jane Sobel Klonsky

San Francisco, California—Evelyn never had a dog growing up, although she pleaded with her parents that she couldn’t live without one. Finally, Evelyn took the plunge, and Audrey came into her life. She was a senior Chiweenie who was . . .

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Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

Murph’s quizzical look could have one of several meanings.

Photo by: Paul Fersen

There’s something irresistible about that quizzical head cock in a dog—the tilted noggin, with her eyes and ears akimbo: she looks as though she’s listening with a mixture of attention, excitement, and curiosity, and it’s beyond adorable. While there’s no research to back this up, it’s a safe bet that some people choose to get a dog because of it—they observe a puppy tilting her head to one side and can’t wait to bring home their new best friend with this endearing habit. So why do dogs tilt their heads? There’s a scarcity of research on the subject, but let’s explore some of the top scientific theories.

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Win a Restored Land Rover Defender!

The Land Rover Defender is an icon of off-road dependability, a remarkable 4WD vehicle famous from the savannah of Kenya to the wet fells of the Lake District. Launched in June of 1948, the first Land Rover® brought unprecedented versatility and . . .

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