The Dog Jacket: Canine Warmth, Comfort, and Safety

A shivering dog could benefit from a snug, warm jacket.
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Whether your dog’s idea of an adventure is a walk around the block or summiting a 14er in Colorado, dog jackets can keep him comfortable and safe on the trail or in the water. There are nearly as many dog jacket styles as there are human outerwear styles, with insulated jackets to help keep dogs warm, rain jackets to keep dogs dry, life jackets to give dogs extra buoyancy in the water, and hunting jackets to make dogs more visible in the field. Choosing the right dog jacket requires knowledge of your dog, his needs…

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How To Choose the Best Dog Collar

Above all, your dog’s collar needs to fit correctly, but to choose the best dog collar, you also need to consider your dog’s lifestyle and your own. For instance, if your dog is an active swimmer, a nylon dog collar would be a better choice than a leather dog collar, as the former is easier to clean and dries quickly. In addition to collar materials, the closures (like buckles and clips) on collars can play a large role in determining which collar is best for your dog — if you need to remove your dog’s collar regularly, a plastic clip closure will be much more convenient than a belt-buckle-style closure. Taking a step back and determining what features you want in a collar…

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A Personalized Dog Collar: The Best Way to Find a Lost Dog

Teddy Blue and Maggie
Photo courtesy of Deb German

The single best way to find your lost dog is to outfit her in a personalized dog collar, embroidered or engraved with your phone number, before she goes missing. The reason is simple: the person who finds her is most likely to check her collar or tags first, and call the number on them before making ‘found dog’ posters or fliers, or dropping her at the local animal shelter. That one phone call will lead a good Samaritan instead directly to you, and hopefully your pal will be back in your arms again in short order. A redundant system is better still—adding ID hang tags to your dog’s collar and having her microchipped are smart backups.

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Meet Our Latest Batch of Orvis Cover Dog Winners!

It’s that time again to announce our Orvis Cover Dog Contest winners who will appear on our 2022 Fall and Winter Dog Books. As always your photos and participation did not disappoint. From November through March last year, we received just over 57,000 entries, resulting in what are always fun and beautiful covers. Even better, we raised … Continue reading “Meet Our Latest Batch of Orvis Cover Dog Winners!”

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How to Measure Your Dog for a Harness

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A harness provides more control over a dog than a collar and leash, and many people and dogs may find they prefer a properly fitted harness instead of a collar. Often a safer option for a dog who pulls at the leash, a harness takes the pressure off her throat and reduces the risk of injury. But when not fitted properly, harnesses may pose hazards: A dog may slip out of a loose harness, and straps adjusted too tightly may rub the skin and cause irritation. In order to ensure your dog’s harness is safe and effective, choose….

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Dog Collars vs Harnesses

A harness is often a better choice than a collar.
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Most dog owners agree that harnesses are more secure, and better for larger dogs and dogs that are pullers, while collars are better for most dogs in most situations, and should be worn in conjunction with a harness. But whether a harness or collar is the best choice for your dog really depends on her age, breed, and walking style. For rambunctious, active, and younger dogs, a harness can facilitate training and give you more control and can do so with ease and minimal exertion on your part. For older, well-trained dogs, a collar with a leash does the trick. Sometimes, you’ll want…

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Are Dog Beds Necessary?

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The discomfort and negative health effects of sleeping on hard floors make beds necessary for most dogs. However, dog beds are not one-style-fits-all. Which bed will help your dog the most, depends on many factors, including your dog’s age, weight, breed, health, and a variety of other factors. Finding the right dog bed requires knowledge of your dog, her needs, and a little training on your part.

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Dog Collars: Buckles vs. Clips

Whether they close with a clip or a buckle closure, every type of dog collar has two main functions: to keep the two of you together, and to provide ID information that can help reunite you if you become separated.

And, okay, it doesn’t hurt if the collar looks great, too.

Though they are broadly similar (for instance, both types of collars are equally easy to clean) clip and buckle collars aren’t exactly interchangeable. Buckle collars are…

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Our 45 Favorite Outdoorsy Dog Names Inspired By Nature

Baxter belongs to the family of Orvis Social Media Manager Tucker Kimball.
Photo by Tucker Kimball

If you love outdoor activities, chances are your dog loves them, too. And few things complement a wild, outdoor dog like a strong, outdoor-themed dog name. From Aspen to Zephyr, there are countless names for dogs inspired by the outdoors. Countless, of course, until you sit down to decide which name best captures your new pup’s spirit and the adventures that await.

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