Petfinder: A Rose by Any Other Name…

A Sweet Little Rosebud
Photo by Fluvanna SPCA

Rose and her sister Blaze were only about six weeks old when they were found as strays, and brought to the Fluvanna SPCA in Troy, VA. The street is no place for little ones! Although they were sweet and affectionate, it’s hard to put your best paw forward when you’re covered with fleas and ticks! But their luck was about to change!

The Fluvanna SPCA is part of the Petfinder Foundation network, which is funded in part by an Orvis Customer Matching Grant.

FSPCA Director Jennie Shuklis said, “They’re a pair of gentle, fun-loving sisters who only wanted to cuddle and play. The grant helped us work on grooming them, getting rid of all the ticks and scabs, as well as providing them with spays as they got older to make them more adoptable. Once they were healthier, they were put up for adoption and adopted to wonderful families within a matter of days.”

Not hard to believe!

Find out how you can help more pups like Rose and Blaze find their happy endings!

Adorable Blaze
Photo by Fluvanna SPCA

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