Petfinder: Broadway Barks

Broadway stars Karen Ziemba and Trixie with trainer Bill Berloni
Photo by Bill Berloni

Here’s a real-life canine fairy tale!

Recently my husband and I were in New York City, and decided to go see our friend, Karen Ziemba, who is starring in the current Broadway production, Bullets Over Broadway. The character she plays always carries a beautiful little Pomeranian. Visiting with her after the show, we remarked on how well trained the dog was. As it happens, little Trixie is a rescue who was overbred, and then turned in to a shelter. Karen told us that Trixie’s trainer, who places most of the dogs in theatre and film, rescues all his “students” from shelters.

I get to work closely with all the Orvis Customer Matching Grant partners, and I was recounting this story to Petfinder VP Emily Fromm, who asked me, “Is that Bill Berloni? We’ve worked with him for years!” She sent me a link to his website, and the first photo that came up was the one above, of Karen and Trixie with Bob.

So here’s a guy who not only rescues dogs, he turns them into stars. Cinderella’s got nothing on Trixie!

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