Petfinder: Freedom!!!

Photo by York County SPCA

Life is tough enough as a shelter dog. Imagine you’ve been abandoned because your healthcare costs were too much for your family to handle. And at the shelter, those health issues require you to be placed in quarantine for your own protection and that of the dogs around you. Such is Isabella’s story.

Not too long ago Isabella and dogs like her would have been confined to designated quarantine areas; taken outdoors only when necessary to relieve themselves; little chance to run and play in the fresh air.

Fortunately, the York County SPCA was the recipient of a grant from the Petfinder Foundation, funded by Orvis and its customers, that enabled the shelter to put in an outdoor play area specifically for quarantined dogs. Now Isabella gets plenty of sunshine and exercise every day, so when her forever family arrives, she’ll be ready to play!

To learn more about helping dogs like Isabella, visit the Orvis/Petfinder page. How can you say no to a face like that?!

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