Petfinder: A Happy Ending for a Champ

Comet: A Retired Athlete
Photo by Cache Humane Society

Take a look at that picture! Is that a gorgeous dog or what?! Her name is Comet, and in her youth, she was a champion Iditarod racer. She was born and raised in France, where her owner bought her and brought her back to the United States to breed her. What self-respecting male dog could pass up a face like that?!

Here’s a story you’ve heard before! Nine years later, when Comet stopped producing litters, her owner surrendered her to the Cache Humane Society in Utah. The good folks there wanted Comet to enjoy a retirement worthy of her athletic and procreative prowess. Thanks to an Orvis Customer Matching Grant from the Petfinder Foundation, Comet was one of 20 senior dogs whose adoption fees were subsidized. As a rule, older dogs are harder to place. But offering a discount can be an added incentive to prospective families. Comet is now enjoying her golden years in a comfortable and loving home.

To help dogs like Comet find their happy ending, go to the Petfinder Foundation. Who knows, you might find your own champ.

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