Petfinder: Hygiene Counts!

Photo by Humane Society of Delaware County

Say you’re a reasonably attractive plus-size dog who, through no fault of your own, ends up in a shelter. And although the staff at the shelter is very kind to you, say you’re just too big to fit into a conventional-size bath tub. The lack of a proper bath can really cut into a girl’s chances of getting noticed, never mind adopted! Such was Blossom’s problem.

Fortunately for her, the Humane Society of Delaware County applied for and received support, funded by an Orvis-funded Petfinder Foundation Customer Matching Grant to purchase a grooming tub. The new bathtub has a ramp for dogs to walk up, and a side panel that can be removed for them to get in and out. This has proven to be a benefit to all dogs in the shelter, not to mention their caretakers who no longer have to try to maneuver large, unhappy dogs into a high-sided tub!

Blossom, along her other large pals, is now putting her best, cleanest paw forward! A definite plus, when you’re looking to make a good impression!

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