Petfinder: Jenny’s Happy Tail

Could you turn away from this face?
Photo by Austin Pets Alive

Jenny is a Boston Terrier puppy who has experienced more than a few ups and downs in her short life. She was purchased from a breeder at six weeks old, and a week later developed parvo virus. Her family was unable to afford the cost of her treatment and she was surrendered to a shelter. For most puppies with parvo, this is quite literally the kiss of death.

Luckily for Jenny, the shelter had heard about the Parvo Puppy ICU at Austin Pets Alive, funded in part by an Orvis/Petfinder Customer Matching Grant. Jenny was transferred there for treatment, and responded beautifully. After a week in their care, she was pronounced healthy once more. And she’s already set a record… she was adopted within an hour of leaving the parvo program! How’s that for a happy ending?!

Jenny, ready to play
Photo by Austin Pets Alive

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