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How would you feel about sharing a room with this funny-looking guy?
Photo by Austin Pets Alive!

Canine Parvovirus is a highly contagious, life-threatening disease. With many of the symptoms of flu in humans, puppies and young dogs who have not been vaccinated are most highly at risk. And if catching this nasty bug wasn’t bad enough, the most common treatment for puppies in shelters is euthanasia. No wonder the little fella above looks none too happy.

Recently the Petfinder Foundation used funds donated by Orvis and their customers through the Customer Matching Grant program to help sponsor the Austin (TX) Pets Alive! Parvo Puppy ICU. The first of its kind in the nation, Austin Pets Alive!’s Parvo Puppy ICU provides shelters an alternative to euthanasia for puppies that contract parvovirus. By placing these puppies in quarantine, maintaining cross-contamination protocol and providing consistent care and treatment these puppies have a much better shot at long, healthy, happy lives.

But enough talk…let’s take a look at some of the Parvo Puppy ICU alums:

First a before and after:

The puppy formerly known as Hufflepuff
Photo by Austin Pets Alive!

It took nine days on 24-hour IV fluids, a blood transfusion, hourly feedings, and a whole lotta’ love, but Hufflepuff got better and went on to become the aptly named Hope:

Hope, playing in the Texas bluebells. Talk about a make-over!
Photo by Austin Pets Alive!

Program achievements

In 2014, the Parvo Puppy ICU saved more than 500 dogs with Parvovirus

Since opening, the Puppy Parvo ICU has pulled more than 1,800 dogs from the euthanasia list

The programs and protocols instituted in this clinic allow the team to treat parvovirus at 1/10 the cost of a regular clinic

100% of the puppies that exit the Parvo Puppy ICU are adopted

Here are a couple of other success stories:

Thalia finishes up her treatment
Photo by Austin Pets Alive!

Whiskey is more interested in playing than taking his meds…a sure sign he’s feeling better
Photo by Austin Pets Alive!

Barbara Allen understands the value of a little well-placed marketing
Photo by Austin Pets Alive!

To help us share more happy tails like these, visit the Orvis Customer Matching Grant Petfinder page. And thanks to all the great Orvis customers who make stories like this possible!

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