Petfinder: Problem Children

An Assertive Duo – Finn and Dixie
Photo by Lollypop Farms

It’s hard to believe that the adorable pair of pups above would be hard to place and, therefore, on track for euthanization! However both Finn, a shephers mix, and Dixie, and Australian cattle dog mix, demonstrated moderate to severe resource guarding or, in lay terms, “You come near my dish and I’ll kill you!!!” It’s not a stretch to figure out where this comes from. Finn was found abandoned in someone’s front yard while Dixie was turned over to the shelter when her previous owner decided she was too much responsibility.

Fortunately Lollypop Farm in Rochester, NY has a training program for dogs with behavioral issues.

Except for the food issue, Finn is a happy, highly intelligent little guy. He was enrolled in a foster care program that taught him it was safe to share food and toys with others. His lessons have paid off already; he has been adopted by a young couple who report that they can’t imagine their lives without him!

Dixie was enrolled in a similar program where she proved to be a quick study, learning that sharing can be pretty great! She too has found a loving home with two adults, two kids, and a canine sibling. Everyone is getting along famously!

The Behavior & Enrichment Program training for Finn and Dixie was funded by a grant from Orvis via the Petfinder Foundation. Your donation can help us save more great dogs like these.

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