Petfinder: Rocky’s Big Comeback

Rocky looks like a champ!
Photo by Don’t BULLY Me Rescue

Our friend Rocky wasn’t always this attractive and healthy. When he arrived at Don’t BULLY Me Rescue in Austin, Texas he was, for want of a better term, a hot mess! The Old English Bulldog was suffering from a severe case of mange, double ear and eye infections, and secondary skin infections. Add into the mix a large, gaping wound on the back of his neck, which led the shelter staff to think he had been shot with some sort of weapon.

Fortunately DBMR had just received a Petfinder Foundation grant, funded by Orvis, which paid for Rocky’s veterinary care. A rigorous course of treatment helped to cure all Rocky’s health problems, and made him the good-looking guy you see here.

The staff reports that, despite being poked and prodded and having medications put into his eyes, ears and mouth, Rocky was a good sport. He’s a typical bulldog: stubborn but loyal, loving and high-spirited. And all he needs now is a good home.

For more information on how you can help dogs like Rocky, visit the Orvis/Petfinder Foundation page.

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