Petfinder: Sibling Success Story

Shelter Pups Vinnie and Vic put their best paws forward at adoption event
Photo by Petfinder

Vinnie and Vic are a couple of lucky dogs. The English Setter mixes were rescued by A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue in Royal Palm Beach, Florida along with their Mom and nine siblings. The rest of the family found homes, but not Vinnie and Vic. Looking at those sweet faces, it’s hard to imagine! But apparently the Fates had bigger plans for this pair.

Thanks to funding from Orvis, Second Chance was able to take them to an adoption event, where they were instantly spotted by the owner of Pawsitive Independence Service Dogs, Inc. They were evaluated to see if they had the traits and personalities necessary to qualify as service dogs. Both passed with flying colors!

Vinnie and Vic were adopted by Pawsitive, and are currently in training to become service dogs who will soon provide assistance to adults and children with disabilities. Some just have a higher calling!

And, as sometimes happens with those going into public life, their names have been changed to Crosby and Scout.

To help more dogs like Crosby and Scout, check out the Orvis/Petfinder Commitment page.

Crosby and Scout still enjoy hanging out together
Photo by Petfinder

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