Petfinder: When the Rescuee Becomes the Rescuer

Ranger and some good friends
Photo by Arizona Beagle Rescue

Ranger is an affable beagle who, for reasons known only to his previous owner, was abandoned at a remote campsite in Arizona. Fortunately he was found and turned in to Arizona Beagle Rescue. From being on his own for a while, he had developed a severe respiratory infection, prompting three nights at the animal hospital and a hefty vet bill. Luckily the Rescue is part of the Petfinder Foundation network, and a grant funded by Orvis and its customers helped take care of the bill.

But here’s where it gets good!

In June 2015, Ranger was placed in a temporary foster home where he would stay until he found his forever home. The family’s three beagles immediately welcomed Ranger, who also bonded quickly with their 3½-year-old twins. When Ranger wasn’t hanging with his new pack, he could often be found following the little boy, who began calling him Ranger Danger.

A week or so into Ranger’s stay the father was awakened by the newcomer’s howling. The sound was coming from down the hall, outside his son’s bedroom. He quickly went to investigate. When he opened the little boy’s bedroom door, he saw him thrashing around in his bed in the throes of a severe asthma attack.

Thanks to Ranger’s connection to the little boy, what could have been a potentially deadly situation was resolved with no ill effects. Ranger saved his little buddy’s life!

The family recognized that Ranger was dedicated, loving, and had completely bonded with them. He had well and truly earned his place. The adoption was finalized and Ranger will never be without a home or family again.

There is a saying in rescue: “Who rescued whom?” For Roger and his new forever family, it’s pretty much a toss-up.

Orvis is proud to support the Petfinder Foundation in their mission to ensure that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a good home. Learn more about how you can help dogs like Ranger at Petfinder Foundation.

Ranger and his posse
Photo by Arizona Beagle Rescue

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