Petfinder: Zeus Finds Mount Olympus

Zeus, decked out like Uncle Sam
Photo by Homeward Animal Shelter

In June, Homeward Animal Shelter in Fargo, ND, threw itself a pittie party! It wasn’t the kind you throw yourself after a break-up or a tough week at the office, but an event to introduce a group of their pit bull residents to the community. As you may be aware, pit bulls have gotten a pretty bad rap! Adoption fees were reduced, and each dog was sent home with a “Pit Package”, which included a collar, treats, food, toys, and a free training session.

One of these was Zeus, who had been surrendered by his previous family. Apparently he was pretty selective about the other dogs he liked to befriend, which led to some problems in that home. He’d been waiting patiently for three weeks when, just like The Dance at the Gym in West Side Story, he met his perfect person. Off they went to share their lives!

You may recall, however, that even in West Side Story, the road to true love had a few major speed bumps. It seems Zeus was not big on being left home alone. He developed an impressive case of separation anxiety, and took it out on a number of his new best bud’s favorite possessions.

Fortunately for Zeus and his new person, Homeward Animal Shelter was the recipient of a Petfinder Foundation grant, funded by Orvis and its customers. They were able to assist with some extra behavioral training. Along with some persistence and love, Zeus and his owner were able to turn things around, and are now thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.

To find out how you can help dogs like Zeus find their happy ending, visit the Petfinder Foundation. Orvis matches customer donations, dollar for dollar, up to $30,000 annually. You too can help dogs at over 12,000 shelters nationwide find their forever homes.

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  1. This is a great story and part of why i visit an Orvis store every time I travel to the USA. Great company with great products. Keep up the good work!

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