Petition Launched to Have Charges Dropped Against Man Who Saved a Dog in a Hot Car

Michael Hammons and the dog he rescued.
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On Tuesday, we posted the story of Michael Hammons, a Georgia man who broke a car window to rescue a dog trapped inside a hot car. The owner of the car was furious when she discovered the scene, and she demanded that Hammons be arrested. Yesterday, an online petition launched to convince the woman to drop the charges and accept that Hammons acted out of concern for the dog. In an open letter to the woman, Lida Wolfe writes:

But hopefully, you know now that the man who smashed your car window to save your dog did just that. He saved your dog from dying a slow and agonizing death where she burns from the inside out, with her organs slowly shutting down one by one until her heart finally stops beating. It’s a horrible way to die. . . .And hopefully now that you’ve had time to step back and calm down, you’ll drop the charges against Michael Hammons, knowing that without him and what he did, you probably wouldn’t have your beloved dog sitting next to you today.

I like the tone with which Ms. Wolfe has written the letter, appealing to conscience, rather than berating the woman. Let’s hope that this does the trick.

Click here to see the petition.

8 thoughts on “Petition Launched to Have Charges Dropped Against Man Who Saved a Dog in a Hot Car”


  2. Put the so called OWNER in jail, this man is a hero who should not be treated in this manner

  3. They put the wrong person in jail, the owner should have been charged for animal cruelty, and abuse. This great guy should be rewarded for being a great hero he was, doing a great deed. I would have done the same thing he did, with no regrets of saving a life.

  4. Put the owner of the dog in jail, take the dog away and let this guy go, drop the charges. What he did was the right thing to do. I would do the same to save an animal in a piping hot car.

  5. Please drop the charges against this man who’s only crime was to save your dog…. I would have done the same. Please love your dog and your fellow man.

  6. I’m sure you did not mean to harm your dog. You made a mistake and this man only wanted to save your dog’s life. Please reconsider.

  7. In the state where I live, it is against the law to leave a dog locked in a closed car, but I don’t know about Georgia laws.
    This women could certainly still be charged with animal cruelty as it is only a few weeks since the incident. There is no reason the SPCA should not still retain the dog until a hearing into the woman’s fitness to be a dog owner.
    From an economic viewpoint, she should be happy she saved money.
    The dog appears to be purebred and cost much more than a broken window.

    This man did her and the dog a huge favor. She was blessed he saved her dog. She should thank him for his thoughtfulness.

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