Photo Essay: Introducing the Family Dogs. . .Plus One!

Written by: Jaci Brillon

All the Brillon children, skin- and furbabies, get along wonderfully.
All photos by Jaci Brillon

Editor’s Note: My colleague Shawn Brillon’s wife, Jaci, is constantly posting beautiful photos of their dogs on Facebook, so I asked if we could use some here on the Orvis Dogs blog. She took the opportunity to introduce all her babies.

Lillie: I am a lovable and cuddly six-year-old French Bull Mastiff. I joined the family as an eight-week-old pup from Massachusetts. I was a gift to my skin brother, Riley, for his 12th birthday. I weigh in at 117 pounds. Size does not matter. I enjoy spending my time playing ball, hiking, and going for rides. My favorite foods are spinach, treats, eggs, and carrots. My nicknames are Lil’ Lil, Slobber girl, and Liller. I really miss my fur sister Sheba. She died of canine cancer almost four years ago. That is when Lexi joined the family. I love her, but hate it when she thinks I am her couch. Maybe she wants to go for a piggy back ride. I will tolerate it. . .for now.

Lilly is the biggest and the oldest of the gang. She tolerates her siblings.

Lillie is an active dog, which means that she also crashes hard.

Lexi sometimes thinks that Lillie is a couch or a beast of burden.

Lexi: I am a bouncy brindle Boxer. I am three-and-a-half years old. I weigh 54 pounds. I think I am the queen. I enjoy running, going to West Mountain Animal Hospital Doggie Day Camp, hiking, and getting piggy back rides from my big sis, Lillie. I just love her to pieces. I know that she misses our older sister Sheba(I am sad that I never got to meet her. I hear that she was a fantastic fur child.) Canine Cancer sucks. I love hearing stories about her. Like the time she ate Daddy’s Orvis rod. (It was even in the case.) Mommy had to take her for a ride so Daddy would not be mad at her when he got home from work. I am the real baby of the family. I am in denial that there is a new baby in the house. Mommy says that I will always be her baby. I love my new sister, Maggie, but I want to be able to box her now, not later. Daddy says that I have to wait until Maggie gets bigger before I can play rough.

Lexi is a true beauty.

She’s very playful and considers herself the real baby of the family.

Lexi is at home in the hills of southwestern Vermont.

Maggie the Magpie: Hello, my name is Maggie. I am a Boston Terrier. Mommy really wanted a new baby, and Daddy finally gave in. I joined the family two weeks ago. I was born on March 14, 2014. I just visited the Dogtor today. Dogtor Bo is Lexi’s veterinarian too. He is so friendly. He gave me a puppy check, and I weighed in at 7.8 lbs. He said I am in great health. I love to follow my big sisters around, cuddle, run around the yard, and chew things. Sometimes I chew things that I should not. I am learning to figure out what is acceptable to chew and what is not. I am the baby. Lexi is just going to have to get over that. I can not wait to start training classes at West Mountain Animal Hospital with mommy. I was fitted today for my Easy Walker harness. I can not wait to learn how to walk, sit, and stay. I look forward to having Mommy post pictures of my growth.

There’s a new kid in town: Maggie!

Maggie got her first puppy check-up from Doctor Bo, a.k.a. the Dogtor.

Riley is our skin brother. He joined the family in 2002 when he was six-and-a-half years old. He is turned 18 yesterday! Sometimes he DRIVES us around town! He loves to hike with us, and cuddle. He is a good brother. We love him very much. He taught us how to play soccer, fetch, and sometimes video games.

Lillie was a gift for Riley’s 12th birthday.

Now he’s a lot bigger, but he still loves his siblings.

Jaci Brillon is a photographer who lives in North Bennington, Vermont. You can see more of her photos one her Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Introducing the Family Dogs. . .Plus One!”

  1. Thank you so much Phil for contacting me regarding this blog post. We appreciate everything that Orvis does for the many canine companions. Thank you Orvis for all of your efforts by raising funds to help canine cancer!!
    The Brillon Family

  2. Jaci, these images are fantastic. I can tell you really know your subject matter well. Great work. The dog photos are full of character and personality! Congrats.

    1. Thank you so much John. We just learned on Saturday that Big Lil the oldest may have osteosarcoma (bone cancer.) We are waiting for the radiologist to confirm. We are devastated. We truly love our fur child and son! I just posted this news on my business Facebook page tonight. Jaci Brillon Photography on Facebook. Please keep us in your thoughts.
      The Brillon family.

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