Photo of the Day: A Real Dog Family

The Perkins family poses with some of their pooches during a holiday gathering.
Photo courtesy Dave Perkins

Here’s a photo that Orvis Vice Chairman Dave Perkins sent me the other day, taken during a party over the holiday season. That’s Dave sitting on the floor in the lower left, and his brother—and Orvis CEO—Perk is in front of the lamp on the right. The rest are spouses, kids, and kids’ spouses.

But forget about the people; let’s get to the dogs!

Clockwise from lower left: Sitting with Dave are Jessie (you can just see her head) and Luck; Els is holding Cece; Hannah and Dixie; Charley and Maebe; Simon (standing) and Copa; Nancy and Mikey; and Laurie with Anneli. (Perk’s Lab puppy, Chico, didn’t make the photo.)

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: A Real Dog Family”

  1. Great photo of family dogs. Always good to see people of a company that you like the products actually living the lifestyle.

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