Photo: Three Generations of Orvis English Setters

Three generations of dogs hang out on the couch at the home of Orvis vice chairman Dave Perkins.
Photo by Erin McEnaney

It’s no secret that all the members of the Perkins family are serious dog lovers (see previous evidence here and here), but it was still cool to see three generations of English Setters hanging out together over the weekend. From left to right are Lucky (grandpa), Mikey (mama), and brothers Brix and Charley. Brix and Charley were born on April 15th, the offspring of Mikey and a setter from Michigan named Skeeter. Brix lives with Scott and Erin McEnaney, who both work at Orvis, while the other three live with Dave and his wife Nancy. This time of year, all the dogs are getting some good time in the woods.

2 thoughts on “Photo: Three Generations of Orvis English Setters”

  1. We have “relatives” from Montana with our English Setters Zoe and Zena! They also had a great time in the woods in October and we look forward to many more to come.

  2. I’m looking for another English Setter, having a hard time finding one. Would love a rescue. I live in MA

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