Photographer Captures Portraits of Dogs and Their People

Eynat Rotfus, 36, and Shimshon in Tel Aviv.
Photo by Dan Balilty via The New York Times

Tel Aviv photographer Dan Balilty’s series “Dog’s Best Friend” is a wonderful collection of portraits featuring pets (most of whom were rescued from shelters) and their people.

The project convinced Mr. Balilty that a portrait of a dog owner cannot fully capture the person if the dog is not present. “The dogs are part of their story,” he said. “This is something nice that exists all over the city.”

One of the women photographed observed “From the pictures, I see that the dogs complete their owners’ identities.” We couldn’t agree more. Check out the entire New York Times story and slide show here.

Lior Madjar, 39, and Dunam.
Photo by Dan Balilty via The New York Times

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