Photographer Helps Senior Dogs Find New Families

Written by: Grant White

Lori Fusaro has embarked on a photo project to help find families for older dogs. This is one of her many pictures.
Photo by Today

“No dog should die alone” is the motto and mission for photographer Lori Fusaro. The Los Angeles based artist has recently started “Silver Hearts”, a photography project that attempts to capture the joy and love that abandoned older dogs still offer. Senior pups represent the highest at-risk demographic in animal shelters because of their often abrupt and confusing adjustment from a comfortable home to a stressful kennel environment. Fusaro hopes her photographs will shed light on the benefits of adopting these often overlooked seniors. Today Pets covered the story.

“I always come back to the idea that no dog should have to die alone. Even if she got just two months of joyous, happy life, it’s worth it.” Said Fusaro.

Fusaro has traveled the country for “Silver Hearts.” But while now she has dedicated her life to the cause, for years the thought of adopting and falling in love with an older pup seemed like too much heartbreak. That all changed when she met Sunny, an abandoned 16-year-old pup battling cancer. Now 17, Sunny is the newest member of Fusaro’s family and has redefined the artist’s life passion.

“When I look back at my unwillingness to adopt an older dog, it was more about my own selfishness — about not wanting to feel that pain, not wanting to make hard decisions. But every dog is important. Every dog deserves a home. I finally just boiled it down to love. That’s the most important thing.”

Click here for the full story and to check out Fusaro’s art gallery

An older pup poses for a photo on the sand. Fusaro’s pictures help raise awareness for older dogs.
Photo by Today

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