Photographer Launches Campaign to Help Older Dogs Find Forever Homes

Older dogs are notoriously difficult to place in forever homes, for an obvious reason: it would be painful to fall in love with a dog only to have it pass away after a short time. Los Angles-based Lori Fusaro shared that feeling and says that, in the past, ““I didn’t think my heart could take it, so I wasn’t willing to open myself up.”

But then she met Sunny, a 16-year-old shelter dog with infected eyes and a tumor on her leg. Fusaro felt so drawn to Sunny that she made the decision to adopt her, knowing it would be an expensive and ultimately heartbreaking proposition. Yet she is so happy to have brought this dog into her life.

Sunny’s transformation from a scared, disoriented shelter dog to a happy, playful family member got Fusaro thinking: Maybe she could use her photography skills to help a whole bunch of senior dogs.

About six months ago, she began work on what she hopes will become a photography book called “Silver Hearts” with a tagline that says, “Love doesn’t keep track of years.” Once the book is published, Fusaro wants to donate proceeds from book sales to three dog rescue organizations that do a good job finding homes for senior dogs: Peace of Mind Dog Rescue in Grove, Calif., Willy’s Happy Endings in Woodlawn, Tenn., and Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue in Ohio and New York.

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Sunny, a 16-year-old dog with health problems, changed the way Fusaro felt about adoption.
Photo by Lori Fusaro

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